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Challenges in the New Year

Posted on Tuesday, January 12, 2010 by International Coach Federation


This new year starts with a number of challenges for the ICF Board of Directors to tackle. The most topical one regards the future of our credentialing program. While we are witnessing several other organizations offer credentials, an increasing number of universities launching their BAs in coaching, and starting to smell the strong odor of regulation temptation in several areas of the world, we feel a huge responsibility. We are accountable for balancing the legitimate expectations and worries of our diverse membership with the challenge of pioneering the future of coaching. We understand the importance that the enhancements of our current credentialing program will have. Doing this well will ensure that ICF continues to be healthy and that the coaching profession prospers to a greater consideration and reputation.

As you may know, in the 60-day comment period from October to November 2009, we received a huge amount of feedback in response to the credentialing proposal that was shared last September. We continued the conversation through the Lunch & Learn live conversation (view video) event in Orlando on Dec. 4 and through four additional calls held in December. I invite all those interested to read the flip chart compilation of Lunch & Learn conversations (view PDF) held at more than 40 tables. Members at each table of the Lunch & Learn discussed the options of a single vs. 3-tier credential system and other themes related to the changes proposed.

We all have certainly learnt a lot in this process, and in particular, the complexity of enhancing a credentialing process that is so important to many stakeholder groups with different opinions and visions on the scope, role and structure it should have. We have also learnt that more conversations and open communication are required to make sure voices are heard and intentions are shared.

Let me reassure you that the ICF Credentialing program remains a key element of our overall strategic objectives. All those currently involved in the process or contemplating pursuing an ICF Credential are wholeheartedly encouraged to continue doing so.

The Board will be meeting next week from January 21 to 23 for its annual strategic planning meeting and one of the scheduled activities is, of course, a conversation on the ICF Credential of the future and in particular around identifying:

   • What environmental and operating conditions may emerge in our field 5 to10 years from now;
   • Which strategic positioning would give ICF and its members the best opportunity to prosper and keep
      pioneering the profession; and a
   • Review of all of the input we received on the credentialing proposal and discussion on:
        o What is the direction to take?
        o What are the areas where we have sufficient information to make a decision? and
        o What are the areas where we need more input and research?

I invite all of you who are interested in being part of the dialogue to join me with members of the Board on several calls that will follow our January Board Meeting:

For ICF Credentialed Coaches:

    • January 26: 21:00 (UTC), 4 p.m. (New York), 10 p.m. (Paris); Wednesday, January 27: 5 a.m. (Hong Kong)

   • February 9: 14:00 (UTC), 9 a.m. (New York), 3 p.m. (Paris), 10 p.m. (Hong Kong)

For Non-credentialed Coaches:

   • January 27: 14:00 (UTC), 9 a.m. (New York), 3 p.m. (Paris), 10 p.m. (Hong Kong)

   • February 10: 21:00 (UTC), 4 p.m. (New York), 10 p.m. (Paris); Thursday, February 11: 5 a.m. (Hong Kong)

The bridge line for all above calls will be 866.214.0180, pin 1099. Additional dialing instructions, if needed, are available here (view PDF).

All calls will be recorded and shared through this blog, to make sure that those who miss the calls can stay updated.

On Thursday, January 28, please check this blog again as I’ll be sharing a message about the outcomes of the Board of Directors’ discussions and how we envision moving forward.


Giovanna D'Alessio, MCC
2010 ICF President

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