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Update on ICF Board Discussions

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With this blog posting, I wish to provide members with an update on the most relevant discussions and initiatives the Board has taken recently and the discussion topics of the next Board of Directors meeting on March 18.

I look forward to hearing your response to this update through the various feedback channels listed at the end of this post.

Developing an Environment of Trust
The Board of Directors voted on a number of initiatives to foster a feedback culture, increasing openness and transparency of the organization’s governance. The initiatives that will be undertaken in the next few months include:

• Building consistency and reliability into the credentialing process;
• Conducting a member satisfaction survey and publishing the results;
• Designing a mechanism to receive, handle and address complaints (possibly to be addressed through the creation of an online suggestion box which the Executive Committee would be in charge of and monitor); and
• Include ICF Chapters in project implementation.

ICF Branded Event Taskforce
A taskforce has been appointed whose charge is to develop an ICF branded event strategy including global, regional, local, audience-specific and virtual events. The strategy will include a sustainable business model for ICF events. Recommendations from the taskforce are expected to be presented to the Board at their July meeting.

ICF Technology Taskforce
In response to member feedback, I am in the process of appointing a special taskforce to make recommendations to the Board related to ICF’s overall website strategy and technological enhancements. The goal is to offer a better user experience, increase accessibility and usability, and make the web an integral part of the ICF member relationship strategy. The taskforce is expected to present recommendations to the Board at their July meeting.

ICF Body of Knowledge Taskforce
Due to our commitment to advance the art, science and practice of coaching, and as an important evolution to the work that has already been done by the Role Delineation, Item Writing and Test Specification Taskforces as a validation of the current body of knowledge, a new Taskforce charged with exploring and developing our body of knowledge will be established. The taskforce will be appointed no later than May 2010 and will include qualified individuals, as well as strategic organizational and academic partners.

Assessing the Effectiveness of the ICF Management
Several mechanisms have been established to evaluate the effectiveness of ICF’s management:

1) A Member Satisfaction Survey is planned to be launched in May 2010 to measure how service is evaluated by members. It will be planned annually.

2) A Product Awareness and Usage Review was launched in February 2010 to measure awareness, usage and satisfaction of the various products ICF offer to members. This survey, initiated in 2004, is periodical and will be replicated at least every two years.

3) An independently audited financial report is made available to all members on an annual basis.

The Board decided to foster a culture of continuous feedback by deploying numerous member survey instruments, the ICF blog, personal e-mail addresses for both the president and president-elect and previously mentioned Real Talk with the Board open-calls. We are open to receive more suggestions to evaluate and strengthen the effectiveness of the relationship between the ICF leadership and members.

I invite you to connect with us by:

• Posting a response on the ICF blog;
• Attending a Real Talk with the ICF Board call (see more info); and/or
• Sending an e-mail to me at

March 18 Board of Directors Meeting
The next Board Meeting is set for March 18 and the agenda looks quite rich and interesting. Some of the key topics that will be addressed:

     Credentialing: The Credentialing and Program Accreditation Committee’s proposed work plan to move the credentialing enhancement project forward will be reviewed by the Board. The work plan will include the creation of several work groups inclusive of representatives of our key stakeholders to ensure co-creation and a proposed time frame.

     Governance: The Board will discuss a proposed list of responsibilities to make the best use, in supporting key strategic initiatives, of the Executive Committee. With the aim of ensuring transparency and open participation in the ICF Nominating Committee, the Board will review the current process and discuss changes to it.

The Board will also discuss the budget for the 2011 fiscal year as well as the updated ICF Strategic Plan. In the agenda, there are also updates of several Committees and Taskforces, including the Conference Education Steering Committee and the ICF Disaster Relief Taskforce.

Real Talk with the ICF Board
As announced in other communications, there are several calls planned for members interested in staying updated on the Board’s newest initiatives and discussions (see more info). The next Real Talk with the ICF Board calls are scheduled for:

  • Tuesday, May 4, 9 a.m. (English)
  • Tuesday, May 11, 1 p.m. (French)
  • Tuesday, May 18, 5 p.m. (English)
Recordings of earlier calls are available here:

• Listen to March 2 call.
• Listen to March 15 call (in Spanish).
• Listen to March 16 call.

I invite all of you who are interested in being a part of the dialogue to join me and the Board on these calls. All the calls will be recorded and shared, to make sure that those who miss a call can stay up-to-date.

After March 24, please check this blog again as I’ll be sharing a message to all members about the outcomes of the Board of Directors’ discussions and the decisions made.


Giovanna D’Alessio, MCC
ICF President

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