Monday, April 30, 2012

Holding onto motivation

Posted on Monday, April 30, 2012 by International Coach Federation

Last month, we asked our Facebook fans, “how do you stay motivated?” Take a look below to see how our Facebook fans responded:

  • “By always asking myself: ‘why is it important?’ again and again…” (Zoran Ilic)
  • “Walking while others are driving…driving while others are flying…flying while others are cruising…and enjoying life. And your age is the second best motivator for you to do more good.” (Bongani Nkumane)
  • “A clear vision…” (Camil El Khoury)
  • “Yes, I agree with Camil, a clear vision and my personal life mission.” (Fernando Moyano)
  • “Be curious…you’ll find motivation wherever you look.” (Sergio Melich)
  • “By visiting ICF Conferences! That refills my batteries.” (Martin Jessen)
  • “Reflecting on how far I’ve come.” (Brian Slater)
  • “By being selfless but still looking inside to find beautiful discoveries each day!” (Jaya Bhateja)
  • “Read!!!!!!” (Joe Cross)
What about you? What keeps you motivated? We’d love to know—leave a response below or join the conversation at

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