Thursday, October 28, 2010

What do you care for?

Posted on Thursday, October 28, 2010 by International Coach Federation

What is your coaching helping? ICF members have shared that they see themselves not only as part of the ICF community, but also part of something much greater.

Coaches have a desire to support their personal practice and clients, the ICF both locally and on a global level and to make a larger impact in the world. As a community, ICF members can amplify the impact we have on each other and society.

At the ICF Annual International Conference in Fort Worth, Texas, USA the I Care For campaign was launched this week. I Care For offers every ICF member the chance to share with the membership and the world at-large what they care for and why.

What are some members saying?

Giovanna D'Alessio, MCC (Italy)
I care for transforming the culture of our society. Because if we don't move quickly to a culture of self-
responsibility, wholeness, unity, respect, fairness, we just won't have any society to pass on to our future

Tom Hatton, MCC (Ireland)
I care for relationship. As everybody and everything is in constant relationship. As human beings we define ourselves the way we are in relationship.

Share what you care for by participating in ICF’s I Care For campaign. There are several ways to show what you care for, including responding on this blog, tweeting on Twitter (just use #icfcare) or submitting your YouTube clip. Visit for information on more ways to share!

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