Thursday, November 4, 2010

I Care For…unleashed at the 2010 International Conference!

Posted on Thursday, November 04, 2010 by International Coach Federation

Did you make it to conference this year? What an amazing event! More than 1,000 international coaching professionals were on-site in Fort Worth, Texas, USA for several days of networking, education and all-around growth.

The entire conference was infused with elements of our 15th anniversary celebration—we saluted our past and our beginnings, and were able to collectively look toward our future.

As such, it made sense that the ICF launched the I Care For campaign at conference…the first visible element in our ongoing brand evolution. Attendees had several opportunities to share what it is that we are passionate about…what we care for.

For some, their cares revolved around various ICF strategic priorities, including the growth and development of ICF Chapters and members. And for others, their cares and passions spread beyond the boundaries of the ICF community and into the rest of the world…from orphans in Uganda to coaching teachers in Nepal, there are so many stories that need to be heard! We encourage you to share what you care for (and why) at

One of the things we care for here at the ICF is coaching research…without it, we would be walking blindly without any facts or figures to back up why (and how) coaching works.

The ICF stands at the forefront of coaching industry research…our most recent research initiative, the ICF Global Consumer Awareness Study, asked some 15,000 people, aged 25 and older, in 20 countries to provide feedback in terms of their knowledge and experience around professional coaching. And you will be amazed at what this study found…

For instance, half (51 percent) of all respondents were generally aware (either somewhat or very aware) of coaching. Isn’t that great? Learn more and check out other findings from this study here:

The intention of the I Care For campaign was not to end with the close of the Fort Worth conference, but to expand and include every ICF member and professional coach out there. We all deserve the opportunity to be heard. And through this, we really can create an IMPACT on the world!

So what is it that you care for? Share it with us at

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