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Positivity positively saves time!

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Author Iris Clermont tells how a positive mindset can make all the difference in work performance, and how it can also save time

The wish to have more time available and great results, while facing a raise of complexity is one of the key messages I hear from projects independent of cultures, countries or companies. One magic response to save time and achieve the required objectives is living and working with a positive attitude. Positivity is an obvious, important and often mentioned mindset that requires continuous growing and improvement. As a result of a growing positive attitude a raise of work performance follows automatically.

Just by changing your mindset to a positive one and by spending your usual day with a positive attitude will present you with lots of great moments and with appreciation from your colleagues and from your business partners. I experienced this in one of my first jobs while conducting technical training sessions for teams of engineers. Without any improvement of my own technical skills or any content change of the seminar, the received feedback scores improved from 7 to 9. The one and only difference was my own thinking, changing to a positive mindset, enjoying the day and by caring about the people in the training room.

What helps most to support the growths of positive thinking and to manifest a continuous raise of performance and a better usage of time is to celebrate successes and achievements. How often do we jump from one project to the next, from one meeting to the next, without taking the time for acknowledgements? We run from A to B and forget what life is about. We forget to gain from our own and from our team’s insights and knowledge and to take the chance to celebrate and to move this positive experience to future projects.

  • One way forward to support a positive mindset is to notice down 10 preferred ways to celebrate or to find your own way to celebrate with painting a picture about this topic.

  • Another way forward are positive thinking questions to reflect the current situation you are facing and to support your finding of the most effective option to step forward.

    • If you would be the owner of this company how would you react?
    • How does your next step look like when you regard your difficult ‘problem’ as an opportunity to an important, needed change?
    • What is your approach, considering your challenging colleagues or business partners offer a positive growth as well as a learning opportunity

  • A third way forward towards positivity is to do something pleasurable once a day and to start with noting down, what to do each day, which brings you in a good mode for the coming week. A reflection of the effect of this exercise at the end of the week will show your time saving results.

We are the owners of our time and we can decide how we want to spend our time. We can look from different perspectives from real close and from far away, from a detailed view and from the big picture, from the past perspective, the presence and the future to what we really want, what really matters. Those different perspectives viewing through positive, shining glasses can change, motivate and turn negative results upside down.

Working each day on positivity is especially for all of us, who are not born and grown up as ‘sunshine’s’ more than worth doing. Refreshing your positivity mindset and emotions once a day is an inspiring start. Look outside the window or walk outside while taking a couple of deep breaths, enjoying the view, the moment. Review today’s success while thinking about what went well. This will guide you a step further towards positivity.

Iris Clermont
I wish you a positive mindset and great successes for you and for your team.

The full article is published in the March 2011 edition of Better Focus Magazine from

Iris Clermont is an international certified coach and process consultant, the author of the book ‘Team Magic’. During the last 20 years, she has been travelling and working in different countries for co-operate companies around the world. Further information can be found from her web page:

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  1. Just walking outside, even in the city, and listening for birds and other nature sounds creates a positive connection. I have a friend who is an avid bird watcher, and when I see her photos of birds in places I recently walked by without noticing either the birds or their songs let me know I was walking too fast and not tuning in my surroundings. Walk slowly, listen, focus on the beauty of the moment.


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