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Dreaming IS Good For you!

Posted on Friday, May 20, 2011 by International Coach Federation

If I asked you what you dream of, how much time would you give to describe it, before jumping into determining how you’re going to make it happen?

Nurture your dream

By dreaming, I don’t mean the REM variety either, or for that matter, aimless fantasizing. I mean dreaming about what’s purposeful to you and about what you would love. This sort of dreaming requires distillation and focus.

I've been observing lately in my coaching practice and when talking with other women that often the dream (or vision) in our life is overlooked in favor of 'how' it’s going to happen. And this is where we get caught out. If your emphasis is on the 'how', you ultimately start to compromise on what you believe is possible, because you haven’t spent time stepping into the ‘impossible’. The 'how' can also be challenging and out of our comfort zone (especially when we bring money into the equation) - so much so that we give up on the dream before we’ve even started.

The key message I want to share with you today about dreaming is how dreams need the time, attention and clarity before you go anywhere near the 'how'.

Having a dream and then manifesting that dream utilises both feminine and masculine principles. The anima and animus are two terms used by psychologist Carl Jung to describe the feminine and masculine halves of the personality. The dreaming part (the 'what') is all about the feminine - it's the visionary, it's about being open and receptive, it’s about what you love and it's about stepping into the unknown, into the seemingly impossible, into your imagination.

The 'how' part is all about the masculine – it’s the strategy, it’s the next steps, it’s about the action, it's about engaging your will. In order to have a dream and then to manifest that dream, you need to utilise both your masculine and feminine. If you have a clear vision of the life you want, but don't take the necessary action, then your dream is just a mere fantasy. And if you have the action, but aren’t clear on the dream, then any action you take will be counterproductive.

The dreaming part is such an important part of the equation. If you have a dream in your life, spend time on it – no, actually spend ‘loads’ of time on it. Nurture your dream, write about it, draw pictures about it, have some still time to sit with it, envisage it, imagine it and play with it.

Big dreams die when we focus on the big to do list. Do you want your dream to die or do you want to be an example of an inspiring woman who 'had a dream and made it happen'?

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