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Integrating Our Private and Public Selves

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SIG Energy Work and Coaching: The Next Wave
Presenter: Rhona Post MCC
When: Third Monday of Every Month, Monday October 17th, 11:00am ET
Telephone: 1-212-457-9879
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In the mid 80’s, when I first studied coaching with James Flaherty, CEO of New Ventures West, he asserted that we all wanted the same things for ourselves. More love. More joy. More peace.

Although we adored, even loved our clients, we did not sell love, peace and joy in business environments. We designed our communication to address business issues, like increased effectiveness and efficiency. Our corporate packages aligned with clients’ hopes, goals and concerns.

Some of us shelved the desire to address a person’s deeper concerns, about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as we sought to keep what’s personal separate from what’s professional. Like our clients, we had private and public identities. Oftentimes, there were great disparities between our internal lives and what we showed the world. What kinds of examples come to mind for you when you think about private and public identities?

After more than 25 years in this profession, I’m circling back around the concepts of peace, love and joy, because I’ve observed that being more effective does not produce greater love, peace or joy.

How does this relate to Energy Work and Coaching? Since I incorporated the energy healing protocols in my coaching, I can more easily assist clients to face and bridge their personal and public identities. The goal of healer coaching is to help folks integrate the head and heart reducing the compartmentalization upon which we have effectively shaped our existence.

Rhona Post, MCC

During our October call we will explore how we create and work from two identities. Do you have two selves? Is the self you show the world in better shape than the self you keep private? Or vice versa? Would you like to heal the rift or sense of separateness you experience even as you extend yourself to others?

Please join us on Monday, October 17th, 11am ET for our monthly SIG call.

For more information contact Rhona Post, MCC by telephone +1.941.554.8466 or by email

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