Friday, January 18, 2013

A Time for Success

Posted on Friday, January 18, 2013 by International Coach Federation

Making an important resolution this year? I would like to offer you some empowering perspectives as you strive to keep your resolutions and reach your goals:

Clarity: Knowing what you want, why you want it, and what you need to do to succeed is essential for sustained effort.

Ask yourself: 

  • Why is this important to me? 
  • How will my life be affected if I reach this goal? If I do not?
  • What is it that I really WANT for my future? 
  • How does this goal fit in with that vision? 
  • What do I need to start saying YES to? 
  • What do I need to start saying NO to? 
Faith: Ask yourself “how much do I believe this is possible?” If your answer is below 100 percent, then you are likely to give up. Figure out how you can get to 100 percent. It may mean altering your goal or redefining what it is that you really want. Even if you have no idea HOW it is going to happen, you must know that it CAN happen.

Patience: Cathedral builders in Medieval times spent their entire lives crafting masterpieces, many times knowing that they would not live long enough to see the finished product. This did not stop them from working toward their goal. We have become accustomed to immediate gratification. The challenges that are important to us often involve overcoming obstacles that take time. Without patience we will quit before we even recognize that we are ON THE PATH to our goal, which is a fabulously fulfilling place to be!

Courage: Courage to try something that is essential to progress but petrifying, courage to go one hour longer than you ever thought you could in abstaining from something you desire, courage to be vulnerable, to take risks, to be unpopular, courage comes in many forms. These are huge, huge things. Having courage, while also having patience, is even more challenging. Yet, the two must go together.

Forgiveness: Scripture and ancient proverb teach “Seven times I may fall, but eight times I will rise again.” Falling is not failure.  It is an important part of any challenging process. What we do when we fall is what matters. When you fall choose to pick yourself up compassionately. Acknowledge yourself for your efforts and for being human. Be gentle. Take the time to make observations on what caused the fall. Use this knowledge to make new decisions to become stronger and more capable as you rise. 

Presence: Being focused on where we want to end up makes it difficult to be present along the way.  We forget how important it is to be grounded in where we are. Presence is essential to success because it allows us to be aware of what is happening and how it is aligned with our goal. Sometimes the way to get somewhere changes. If we are mindlessly following a road that seemed the right path in the beginning, we may overlook important road signs that tell us “Detour,” “New Road Paved,” or “Dead End.” 

Also, when we reach our goal and look back on our journey, we want to be able to say “I did it!” savoring the memories of the moments along the way that have come to define who we have become. As sages have told us for an eternity, it isn’t so much the destination but the journey that is the prize. Neglecting to engage in the process cheats you out of the fulfillment of being a part of your own amazing journey.

Compassion: The BEST part of digging deep to reach a goal is the way your heart opens up to others through the experience. Whether their paths are similar to yours or not, you know the strength it takes to simply be human. This creates connections between yourself and all of humanity. As your proclivity toward compassion grows, the ways that you are able to enjoy the world around you multiplies exponentially. 

Clarity, Faith, Patience, Courage, Forgiveness, Presence and Compassion, may these be your companions for 2013. May you become so well acquainted with them that you choose to keep them close by always. 

By Regina Hellinger. For access to a free webinar on this topic go to Regina is an inspirational writer, speaker, and life coach who specializes in working with aspiring coaches, gifted individuals, and educators.

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