Thursday, January 31, 2013

Do you have an online strategy to build your coaching business?

Posted on Thursday, January 31, 2013 by International Coach Federation

When you market yourself online, you aren’t just generating leads for the business, you are establishing yourself as a leader of an online community. (Recommended reading: Tribes by Seth Godin) Your passion and expertise, described through your credo (elevator speech), become the roots of your leadership, and your continuous engagement with the community helps it to flourish.

With leadership comes responsibility, a responsibility to lead as well as you possibly can. You’ll want to put some structure and processes around your leadership, so you can be an empowering leader for your community.

How are you going to stay in touch with your community – the people who are interested in your expertise? A newsletter? A Facebook fanpage? Blog? Videos? Whatever platform calls to you, run with it. But remember, as a leader, you need to stay in touch with your community. For example, maybe you will blog three times a week, spend 10 minutes a day on social medial and send out a monthly newsletter. Put yourself on a schedule to stimulate regular interactions with the community. 

Coaches Challenge: Decide on your top three platforms to communicate with your community and set up the structure and support so that you will be consistent.

A well-tended community can be a real source of joy and inspiration for its members – and a real source of qualified leads for your business.

Teresia LaRocque MCC, is Director of Entrepreneurship and Business Building Mentor for the Erickson Business Center – at Erickson College International Teresia is a pioneer in the booming profession of personal coaching, the first recipient of the International Coach Federation’s Master Coach Credential in Canada and cofounder for the Vancouver International Coach Federation chapter. Teresia is committed to supporting coaches to take their talent and passion for coaching and make their entrepreneurial dreams come true. Teresia is the founder and facilitator of the Passion into Profit Program, a customized business building program offered through the Erickson Business Center.


  1. Get it! Be consistent and show up. Great reminder and great article. So overwhelming to think of all the social media and all the places to be. I like the thought of just picking three.

  2. Hi Amy, yes it can be quite overwhelming with all the different options with online marketing. PIck 3 platforms and i like how you put it " be consistent and show up!" Enjoy implementing your strategy and leading your tribe.

  3. Thank you for this information. I am indeed very hapy reading this article.-


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