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Outcomes of the July Board Meeting - Part 1

Posted on Thursday, July 15, 2010 by International Coach Federation

On July 8 to 10, the ICF Board met for its usual mid-year face-to-face meeting. I was extremely pleased to witness and be a part of the deep, strategic and holistic conversations we had. The richness of the agenda reminded me how much our Board and the organization have committed to do this year and how all of the different elements we are working on are interconnected.

If you have questions or comments about the following information, I encourage you to post your thoughts at the end of this post and/or join members of the Board for the next Real Talk with the Board call (see schedule).

Brand Platform

I’ll start with an update on our brand platform work as everything else the Board discussed is related to this most important project in some way. Our global branding consultant William Arruda gave us the results of the last round of focus groups held in June. In these focus groups, both ICF members and other stakeholders were invited to offer input on a new brand positioning statement and revised vision and mission statements. The Board considered all of the feedback and proposed several refined brand elements for additional testing with the membership. We want to ensure the brand is an expression of our membership and that ICF can, in fact, be seen as living its brand. As we move closer to finalizing the platform proposal, I grow more excited at the benefit all ICF members will receive from the ICF strengthening its brand around the world. Growing awareness of the ICF helps grow awareness for our members.

Minimum Eligibility Requirements (MER)

Conversations began around MER for membership as a result of our brand work—many stakeholders felt that for the ICF to be professional and “live” our brand fully, we must require ICF members to meet minimum membership requirements.

The Board most recently discussed the results of a membership survey, suggested by the global ICF Membership & Community Committee, as well as ideas from the Committee around this topic. Questions about possible MER were also included in the branding focus groups I’ve already mentioned.

Based on membership-wide surveys, the general consensus is that there should be minimum membership eligibility requirements related to coach-specific education. As such, the Board directed the Committee to continue developing a final recommendation that includes a transition plan.

I can appreciate that members will have concerns over this work. Our initial estimate shows that less than 10 percent of current ICF members would be affected by these changes. Current thinking is to allow a two-year timeframe for these members to meet new requirements.

Co-creating a Brand-based Sustainable Culture

When our finalized brand platform is approved, it is important that the whole organization adopts processes and behaviors that are aligned with and express ICF’s brand attributes. To prepare for this, ICF will host a series of workshops to engage all parts of the organization (chapter leaders, staff, Committee leaders, SIGs hosts, etc.) to co-create a brand-based sustainable culture. The Board and staff were involved in the first of such workshops during this latest Board meeting. The first two pilot workshops with ICF Chapter leaders will be held in South America this month and Europe in September. I look forward to sharing more details about this process and the outcome of the two pilot workshops with you.

Details on addition topics the Board discussed will be posted shortly.

Again, please share your comments and questions by responding to this blog post and/or joining an upcoming Real Talk with the Board call.

- Giovanna D’Alessio, MCC

   2010 ICF President

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