Monday, July 19, 2010

Outcomes of the July Board Meeting - Part 2

Posted on Monday, July 19, 2010 by International Coach Federation

Continuing from my last post, the Board also discussed the following areas at our July meeting:

ICF Branded Events

ICF events are growing in number and are a key way coaches touch the ICF. It’s critical that these events align with the ICF brand and that attendees have consistent positive experiences—we want everyone to continue to be inspired and motivated.

At the July Board meeting, work by the ICF Branded Events Taskforce was presented to the Board. The presentation focused on results of an analysis of data collected over the last two years and related discussions around the ideal mix of ICF branded events and possible business models for these events. The goal is to make sure a proper mixture of events is being offered so that different members’ needs and interests are being served. It’s also important that the diversity of our members and a balance between international, regional and local events be taken into consideration.

Special events are an important source of income for ICF Chapters. The event discussion the Board is currently having isn’t about annual chapter events. Instead it’s about making sure that larger events are:

• Inspiring and useful to all members;
• Consistently branded; and
• Supported and successful.

The Board has asked the taskforce to further develop their recommendations and present them to the Board possibly as early as September.

Pricing Strategy
This year the global Finance Committee has been tasked with presenting an updated pricing strategy for the ICF—one that is in line with the ICF’s brand platform. At this meeting, the Committee presented to the Board some guiding principles that will inform their remaining work on their proposed pricing strategy. The principles include recognition of the organization’s leading position in the marketplace, the diverse profit margins expected from members and other stakeholders such as advertisers and sponsors, and a special consideration to developing countries to ensure equitable access for both members and coach training schools.

As we move forward with finalizing a revised pricing strategy with these principles in mind, we want to keep offering and expand upon the value the ICF offers our many stakeholders.

Translation Policy
Our brand attributes currently include: global, connected community and welcoming/friendly. In order to further embody these attributes, the Board began discussions on revising our current translation policy to better support our diverse membership and chapters. Staff members have been directed to present the Board with several policy options, including impacts on finances, resources and time tables, at our next meeting in September.

I look forward to sharing more news on all of these projects as our work progresses. Again, please share your comments and questions by responding to this blog post and/or joining an upcoming Real Talk with the Board call.


Giovanna D’Alessio, MCC
2010 ICF President

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