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Update on ICF Board Discussions, in Anticipation of the July 2010 Board Meeting

Posted on Monday, July 05, 2010 by International Coach Federation

I’d like to provide you with an update of the Board’s activities, in anticipation of our upcoming meeting scheduled for July 7-9 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. We are six months into the year and there are many initiatives and decisions that we are being called to make.

As usual, I’d like to hear comments and input from you in one of the various feedback channels that are listed at the end of this post. Please let me know your thoughts on any of the following areas the Board is discussing:

Minimum Eligibility Criteria
The idea of requiring some type of minimum criteria to become an ICF member encountered appreciation from more than 62 percent of members that participated in the Brand Study conducted last year. The Board charged the global Membership & Community Committee to research and come back to the Board with a recommendation around this area. The Committee will present the results of a member consultation, qualitative research conducted last month and the Committee’s recommendations at the Board meeting this week.

Brand Platform and Strategy
Work on our redefined brand platform began last year. Recently aother set of focus groups were conducted in order to test revised pieces of the proposed platform. The results of this work will be presented to the Board at this meeting by our branding consultant and next steps will be discussed.

ICF Branded Events
This May, the ICF Branded Events Taskforce engaged in a visioning and brainstorming exercise to explore the constellation of ICF events of the future. At the July Board meeting, the taskforce will present a recommendation regarding the type of the events the ICF should be offering and that should be supported by the ICF, including structure, content and the sustainable business model. We will plant the seeds for a successful mix-of-events model to meet the demands of our increasingly dispersed members and their variety of interests and learning styles.

Co-creating a Sustainable Brand-based Culture across the Organization
At the July meeting, I will introduce a dialogue-based process to engage all the organization’s parts in a action-oriented conversation around creating a culture based on the ICF brand attributes. Developing a brand-based culture is not just about processes, marketing and the website. It’s about how we serve our members, how we work together, how we represent and live the ICF brand. To develop a common, successful culture, we need to engage all parts of the ICF serving our members (Staff, Committee, SIGs, Chapters, etc.) in a conversation about what we all stand for. A conversation on what we need to keep, change and let go in order to be one single voice together and to provide one single consistent ICF experience, with our local flavor, to our members and other stakeholders that we touch.

After the first program with the Board of Directors and staff, we will launch two pilot programs this year: in Lima, Perù in July, with a representation of the South American ICF Chapter leaders, and in Riga, Latvia in September with a group of European ICF Chapter leaders.

Pricing Strategy
The global ICF Finance Committee has started to work on a pricing strategy to align our price structure of membership and service fees to the newly in-development brand and industry positioning. At this month’s Board meeting, the Committe will underlying principles to their price structure recommendation that they will follow in determining our future pricing structure.

As usual, after the Board meeting, I’ll post updates on the decisions of the Board on this blog. Look for an update to be posted by Thursday, July 15.

In our effort to foster a culture of continuous feedback, I want to remind you the various ways to provide the ICF Board with input and suggestions. I invite you to:

     • Post a response on the ICF blog; and/or
     • Attend a Real Talk with the ICF Board call (see more info); and/or
     • Send an e-mail to me at

Giovanna D'Alessio, MCC
2010 ICF President

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