Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Playboys to stay-at-home moms: research shows reasons for coaching may overlap

Posted on Wednesday, November 24, 2010 by International Coach Federation

Ever since American television actor Charlie Sheen hired a “sobriety coach” earlier this month (reportedly to assist in steering him away from drug and alcohol use), professional coaching has once again been pulled into the media limelight.

The real story is not about Sheen’s wild lifestyle but that people all over the world, from Hollywood playboys to stay-at-home moms and corporate executives to college students, are working with professional coaches. Circumstances may vary but people of every age and race have utilized coaching over the last decade.

As a coach, you obviously realize that people hire coaches for an array of reasons…thus the wide assortment of coaching niches out there. But according to the new ICF Global Consumer Awareness Study*, the most common reasons people hire coaches are to:

  • Improve work performance;
  • Expand career opportunities; and
  • Increase self-esteem.
Think about your own clients, past and present. Would you agree that these reasons are the most common? What factors persuaded them to engage in a coaching partnership?

Other reasons noted in the study were to improve business management strategies and manage work/life balance. Learn more in this ICF issued press release, Coaching helps organizations achieve business results during economic downtown.

*The awareness study surveyed 15,000 participants (aged 25 and older in 20 countries), was conducted independently by the International Survey Unit of PwC. Findings around the awareness of coaching can be found in this study—use them in your own marketing endeavors. Learn more at

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