Monday, July 18, 2011

Energy Work and Coaching: The Next Wave

Posted on Monday, July 18, 2011 by International Coach Federation

Thank you to all the ICF coaches who joined me for June’s SIG conversation “Deepening our Spiritual Practice.” The curiosity and commitment my colleagues bring to these calls is inspiring. Coaches are curious to learn how others are incorporating a healer’s orientation in their corporate coaching, as well as interested in expanding their own personal knowledge of how to work with energy.

The use of energy work in coaching is a portal that helps clients integrate their four aspects---mind, body, spirit and emotions. As a result, clients feel whole; all their parts fit. As my mom would say, “They have more bounce in their walk.” There is no one way to success; practitioners realize that it is a combination of practices that produce healing. I am using my energy background to help heal my own life, as well as helping clients heal theirs.

Energy work is complementary to the coaching modalities we use. In fact, at the basis of both “fields” is the same commitment to service. The addition of a natural healing practice to our coaching has deepened our relationship to serve. Many of us are guided by compassion, a muscle we cultivate through our spiritual practice.

During the SIG programs we bring the lines closer between energy work and coaching, because in fact the lines overlap. We are human beings composed of four aspects; and we are energetic beings. All of us want to experience more joy, more peace, more love. The addition of an energy healing practice has given me the tools, the confidence and the humility to keep looking for and utilizing “healing” protocols to help clients experience as much joy as they can. Why? Life is short. The more you live the less you die.

Rhona Post, MCC
 To support my fellow coaches on this path, I have developed a ninety (90) minute Healer’s Orientation Intensive, which I am offering twice in July. I will not be conducting the SIG in July, but will start it again by September. For more information on the Healer’s Orientation Intensive, please email me at

Rhona Post, MCC
Energy Work and Coaching: The Next Wave SIG (held 3rd Monday of each month)


  1. Love that you are using the word "healing" in your coaching. Too often I read that a difference between psychotherapy and coaching is that healing takes place in therapy and isn't a goal of coaching. As a coach, much of what I do creates tremendous healing within my clients.

    A little off topic, yet I'd like to see the definition of coaching include personal growth and healing, and exploration into your past to create a better tomorrow. the Psychotherapy professions shouldn't "block" a coach's ability to look at ones past. Healing and "past exploration" can be done equally by the mentally/emotionally disordered AND healthy individuals who simply want to understand themselves more and to grow.

  2. Dear Susan:

    What struck an immediate chord when I read your response is that by adding the concept and title of healer to my coaching practice, I ratcheted my work up a notch. No matter which service business we represent, from coaching to nursing, from counseling to mentoring/therapy, we all have a shared purpose, which is to alleviate human suffering.

    James Flaherty, CEO of New Ventures West, a well respected coaching company, used to say, that in our coaching role, we are freeing people to take action, thereby reducing their suffering. As clients strengthen their competence and confidence to navigate their lives (business or home) they experience greater peace, joy, and satisfaction.

    I have learned that people are complex, and that one "fix" does not work for all, which is why, many of us on this path have continued to deepen our skills by learning new or innovative modalities to add to our tool kit(s). As you strengthen and deepen yourself as a human being, you will find yourself stepping with greater ease in those domains where you have done the work and feel more competent/confident to share what you have learned with others.

    Since you are mentioned the psychotherapy field as a potential "obstacle" to validating the work coaches do, please join us--on September 19th, 11:00 am to 12 noon EST, for our monthly SIG, Energy Work and Coaching.

    I am happy to build the September meeting around the issue about how we can better communicate the value of what we offer across "healing" service industries. Susan, please let me know if this SIG topic is an area you'd like to pursue.

    Happy Trails,


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