Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Got to use: coaching tools

Posted on Wednesday, July 27, 2011 by International Coach Federation

Last month, we asked our Facebook fans “what is your go-to coaching tool that you use the most frequently in your coaching practice?”

Several responses were shared and all are listed below for your reference. If you aren’t already using some of these tools in your coaching, consider how you can incorporate them into your own practice.

“My intuition.”
(Allison Crow Flanigin)

“Quotes, they provide me with inspiration [from Believe in You, To YOUR Success and all the famous people out there].” (Queenie TCoach)

“Back to the Basics (usually the P2W method).” (Mimi Nelson)

“Open heart and intuition.” (Dóra Hegedũs)

“Lateral thinking tools, such as C&S along with PO.” (Daniel Tolson)

“My own intuition and opening heart.” (Sercan Savran)

“Curiosity.” (Michelle Clarke)

“Love.” (Zohra Dali)

“Transactional Analysis to help clients work out why some interactions go smoothly and why others go pear shaped.” (Redgate Consulting)

“The best coaching tool is…the Coach!” (João Catalão)

“Coaching is really a form of healing. Who you’re ‘being’ as a coach as a ‘model of excellence’ heals, intuition, mindfulness, etc. Which tools from which school of thought one uses plays a smaller role.” (Johnathan Brooks)

“I combine BEING present, focusing on desired outcome, curiosity and intuition. Holding these intentions allows each moment to unfold perfectly for my clients.” (Matt Naskrent)

“Silence. Learning how to actively listen—and then some—made all the difference in the world to my coaching success.” (Darcy Eikenberg)

“Listening intuitively.” (Ayca Gencoglu)

“The Core Protocols and Commitments.” (Vickie Gray)

“The creative use of ‘white space’ before and after each coaching session.” (Richard Pett)

“I go on a curious journey with the client to support them to find their own direction and actions that will take them where they need to go. Tools? Me being present and keep asking questions and give back what the client says.” (Jeanine Eshuis-Hamaker)

“I use Wheel of Life.” (Anil Santhapuri)

What about you? What is your must-use tool in your coaching? We’d love to know—share it with us on at


  1. The coachee always gives me the inspiration on what will work. Most times I find myself working with visualization and co-lateral situations

  2. I like to see the surprise in coachees eyes when I rephrase the same question for the third time and all of a sudden they are responding with a very unexpected answer.

  3. Thanks for these additional notes! Very good.


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