Friday, May 25, 2012

Life changing interaction

Posted on Friday, May 25, 2012 by International Coach Federation

Last month, we asked our Facebook fans, “how can you change someone’s life for the better today?” Take a look below to see how our Facebook fans responded:

  • “Start with changing yourself.” (Max Kohanzad)
  • “Support them in getting the life or career they desire!” (Tamala Nyasalima Chirwa)
  • “Firstly, realize that you cannot change someone’s life for them. That gives space to create a way forward with that someone." (Mark Veary)
  • “By listening.” (Conscious Living)
  • “Be honest.” (Rafael A. Martinez)
  • “I’m only responsible for my own changes. And I can support and challenge someone else to take this responsibility.” (Anna Marcia)
  • “Simply acknowledge someone. Smile and say hello. You never know how much power something that simple can have.” (Michelle Welton)
  • “Honour and acknowledge them by telling them how they change your life for the better. Say thank you with intention and emotion.” (Lise Laberge)
  • “Listen for their greatness…” (Pat E. Perkins)
  • “As a coach you empower them to change their own lives! Prompt them but never TELL them—for it’s in the action that the change occurs!” (Joyce A. Schwarz)
  • “What does he or she really want in life that can make their life better? Got to understand their belief, attitude. The fact is, we can’t change anybody in this world. But support them—if they have strong desire and commit to change for better life.” (Janice Chong)

What about you? What can you do today to change someone’s life? We’d love to know—leave a response below or join the conversation at

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