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Cleaning our own temples first: practices and projects

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Energy Work and Coaching Community of Practice
Facilitator: Rhona Post MA MCC, Core Individuation Energy Practitioner (
When:  June 22nd 11:00 a.m. (New York)
Where:  +1.712.451.6000   Pin: 427724#

This year our community of practice focus has been on the exploration of specific practices coaches can do to strengthen the ability to maintain a centered presence with clients. The core competence of a coaching presence is both a learned and an unlearned or non-attached way of being that results in an increased effectiveness to ask powerful questions, and listen without judgment. Most important, the practices we are engaging in help us cultivate a non-reactive persona, one who listens and observes others with compassion and kindness.

Members of the Energy Work and Coaching community are both practicing coaches and healers, who have studied alternative healing, including Reiki, Acupuncture, Core Individuation Energy Work, Astrology, Touch and Light healing, etc. With continued personal development in these fields we have deepened the connection to our four aspects of mind, body, spirit and emotion. Learning to work effectively with each of these aspects is part of what we cover during our practice sessions. What are some practices you are doing that help you stay centered with clients? Can you recognize when you are off center? What happens? How do you get yourself back on track? We will ask these and other questions during our June conversation.

We will also review some of the practices and projects coaches have engaged in these past two months in the areas of personal and professional completions—actions coaches have taken to close the gap(s) between where they find ourselves currently and where they wish to be. Incompletions cloud our ability to remain present and focused on what shows up. First, we become aware of the incompletion we carry. Then, we design a practice or project we can engage in that will assist us to “complete” on the incompletion. We’ve discussed the value of meditation and alternative healing modalities to help close the gaps.

Rhona Post

We’re looking for future topics and facilitators of these topics for the fall monthly programs. Please bring your ideas to the table or email me at rpost@thehealercoach.com. The concept of a community is a place where our gifts are received. My hope is that others in this burgeoning community will take the lead as subject matter experts, or even co-lead with me. There are many ways to work with others, and we appreciate the insights our merry band of coaches contribute to the expanding conversation around how we can strengthen our core competencies by learning and utilizing diverse healing modalities with our current coaching models. 

For more information on this community of practice group, or to sign up for a healer coach session, please contact, Rhona Post, at 941.554.8466 or by email at rpost@thehealercoach.com.

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