Thursday, June 28, 2012

ICF Hungary provides free outplacement coaching for the employees of the bankrupt national airlines

Posted on Thursday, June 28, 2012 by International Coach Federation

Almost fifty coaches are contributing to a joint project run by the Hungarian Chartered Chapter International Coach Federation (ICF) and MALÉV F.A. (the Hungarian national airline company, under liquidation). The massive CSR project involves providing pro bono outplacement coaching to former MALÉV employees in order to help them overcome the loss of their jobs and to ensure them a better chance for a career change.

MALÉV went bankrupt in February 2012, leaving a thousand people unemployed and the whole country in shock. The grounding of the company brought an end to 66 years of almost continuous service and to many life-long careers.

The pro-bono outplacement coaching project of the Hungarian Chartered Chapter of ICF involves 50 percent of our members. We provide coaching on a voluntary basis in our spare time. The coaches are supported by ten mentor coaches and supervisors. Former MALÉV staff members were offered a 3-months outplacement coaching process and 90 employees grabbed the opportunity. As a result of the coaching, some of them have already been hired by new employers; many others are attending job interviews with higher awareness, equipped with an updated CV, strengthened self-confidence and refined interviewing techniques. Some of them decided to start their own business.

The real challenge lies in the fact that some of the careers cut short by the liquidation of the company had been specifically connected to the airline industry. Competencies, skills and strengths have been identified during coaching, beside their special knowledge and experience connected to the airline industry. All ICF volunteers are working on supporting these valuable people to find their places in the world again and are using the power of coaching to identify and learn the strengths that will serve as a solid base for their future.

Dismissed employees found themselves in an emotionally difficult situation, a real grief, since many of them had been working at the airline almost as family member since their high school graduation or the completion of their college degrees. They were forced to enter the labour market, in many cases for the very first time in their life. Most of them were disappointed, depressed. The coaching focused on dealing with the shock of accepting a final change and overcoming the fear of a new job.

The most frequent results of the coaching are growing self-awareness and self-esteem, and the ability to deal with the grief consciously. 

The project involving 140 people is managed by Dóra Hegedűs, past president and member of board and Beáta Schäffer, CSR responsible of ICF Hungary. This project is an excellent professional challenge for the chapter that builds a strong cohesion among its members and increases the sense of belonging – resulting in a renewal ratio of 91 percent.

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  1. Is this initiative still going on? I would love to learn more about the kind of work that the ICF has provided for senior citizens. As a home care professional serving Concord NH this is certainly a topic that is very important to me.


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