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Masterful Coaching at the inaugural UK ICF Regional Event - North West

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"The human soul longs, perhaps more than anything else, to express itself and be heard or seen. It doesn't need to be fixed, or told what to do next, or given a solution. It simply longs to be witnessed. Coaching that does not include this capacity to deeply listen misses out on the essential core of the client’s being, and can only really be skin-deep." Aboodi Shabi

May 16th, 2012
I'm writing this on the train on my way to Newcastle for the UK ICF Regional Event in Durham tomorrow.  The event has been organised by UK ICF Ambassador, Jan Portillo, as part of the UK board's strategy to increase our Chapter's presence and reach throughout the UK during our year as host country to the ICF's first global conference outside of North America. Regional face to face events have been on our agenda for some years and we are delighted to be now getting them off the ground, thanks to the commitment and efforts of our regional members.

As many of you know, we operate as a volunteer workforce, both as board members and as ambassadors, and often things take longer to organise and achieve than we might like given that we are fitting commitments into our otherwise busy personal and professional lives.  Why do we do it?  For me that's easy to answer!  Because it feels great to be actively involved in a global network of like-minded people committed to raising awareness about this wonderful profession called coaching.  I've been an ICF member since 2005 and on the UK board since 2009. I have enjoyed my membership most since being on the board. Why? Because it’s given me insights into the behind the scenes developments concerning our commitment as an organisation to continually strive to set the gold standard for coaches globally.

What do our board roles involve?

  • Answering member queries;
  • Interacting with other coaches across the world;
  • Meeting coaches from other professional coaching bodies;
  • Networking with people in the media and with people dedicated to research into the impact of coaching,
  • Being called upon to debate and tousle with real life ethical dilemmas in which we and/or members find our/themselves,
  • Being part of a global leadership team working through both diverse cultural coaching issues and the varying stages of professional coaching maturity experienced in the 100+ countries where the ICF Chapters are represented and are continuing to emerge; and
  • Talking to buyers of coaching to establish what they want more of from us as a professional body and from our coaches.
All of these activities have stimulated my own thinking and awareness about professional coaching and cause me to truly take on the identity of a professional coach far more deeply than I had previously done.
Coming to Newcastle is like coming home to me.  My parents are both Geordies, originating from a small hometown in Newcastle called Hebburn and, as a child, I came here for family gatherings and to be with our extended family. Happy times!  My father was a professional sports coach and gained his professional coaching certificate from the Professional Football Association in 1961, the year I was born.  So here I am now, many years later, to attend a UK ICF regional event in the North East thanks to the commitment and dedication of Jan Portillo (ably supported by Christine Huntley) to bring world class coaching mastery to your home territory - on your doorstep.

May 17th, 2012
The participants arrived at the fabulous venue, South Causey Inn, where we are welcomed by the owners and settle into a delightful room complete with a roaring log fire (I know it is May, but this is England and the event preceeded our current heatwave!) 

UK ICF North East’s inaugural event – May 17th, 2012

Participants on the day comprised coaches, non-coaches, ICF members and non-ICF members.  Aboodi started the day by the group asking:

“Why are you here?” 

“ It’s in the North! I will support anything that is here”
“Of Aboodi’s reputation”
“The publicity for the event talked about letting the soul speak”
“I want to learn more about deep listening skills to enhance my work as a chiropractor”
“It’s a 2 hour journey rather than 5”
“I’m passionate about the North!”
“Of the style of communication and identity in the North East”
“I want to practice weaving conversations beyond techniques”

Comments affirming Aboodi’s opening comment that we long for connection and community more than anything else.

What followed was a highly experiential masterclass (working alone, in pairs, as a group, with archetypes) which was thought-provoking and stimulating, offering questions and new perspectives about coaching and the world in which we work. Through several interactive exercises (and a bit of dancing after lunch!) we experienced what it is like to truly deepen our capacity to be present to the client, to listen and understand beyond the narrative and to serve our  client in discovering the true expression of who they are.

Aboodi Shabi - one of the UK's most senior coaches and a pioneer and leader in the European Coaching Community. He was a founding co-President of the UK ICF and has served the profession at all levels internationally.

“Coaching is about challenging the paradigms by which we live, not about doing more things faster”
“Coaching is about helping our clients to create possibility and building new capacity in our clients”
All agreed that it had been a fantastic day* and that they got real value from the material*.  The sense of belonging and community was intense and the excitement for a whole range of events being hosted here in the North East was heartily welcomed.  
Our great thanks to the participants, to Aboodi and to Jan for making this happen!  Looking forward to hearing more about your community in the not too distant future...

Here’s some participant feedback about the day:
  • Re-connecting on lots of levels;
  • Opportunities for reflection;
  • A different sort of engagement which deepened throughout the day;
  • Challenging my thinking and shaking me up;
  • Listening to, and learning from, a highly professional coach;
  • Working with others and learning from their open hearts and minds;
  • Valuable exercises to highlight my unconscious and learned behaviours;
  • Completely experiential;
  • A different approach: I got everything and more;
  • Watching and hearing a master in action; and
  • Loved it. Getting back to my coaching roots.
If you’d like to get more involved in the UK Chapter, keep an eye open for news of elections coming soon for the 2013 Board or contact Anji Marychurch and become an Ambassador now!

If you’d like to know more about the UK ICF coaching projects going on around the country, take a look here - Community Coaching Projects – and if you are involved in a project we don’t yet know about, contact the UK ICF office and tell us about it!

Deborah Price
Article written by Deborah Price, PCC - UK ICF Past President.
An ex-barrister with 25 years of experience as an executive in both large corporates (Chappell International, CBS Songs, Virgin and BMG) and SMEs (Hit & Run Music, The Performance Partnership) plus 10 years of experience in the field of personal development has given Deborah a depth of expertise that gives her a sound understanding of learning and development theories and combines this with a very practical ‘hands on’ approach as a coach. She is a credentialed coach with the ICF, a certified NLP Coach, a Boas professional certified coach in the via™model, a Good Boss Practitioner and an Archetypal Profiling & Branding Coach (Pearson Marr Archetypal Indicator).

Deborah has a great knowledge of people and behaviours which she uses to challenge people's thinking and actions at a deeper level. This encourages self reflection and stimulates changes in behaviour enabling clients to achieve and be leaders of sustainable high performance.

Currently running her own training, coaching and consultancy practice based in London, Deborah works with international clients (both corporate and individual) across various sectors. This involves a variety of Management Development and Executive Coaching assignments in UK, mainland Europe and the Middle East.

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