Friday, January 28, 2011

Budget Busters

Posted on Friday, January 28, 2011 by International Coach Federation

Need an easy way to trim your coaching budget? Instead of doing without, there is a painless way to cut costs that you may have overlooked…and it’s as simple as being a member of the ICF.
To grow your practice and better serve your current clients, you might already be considering the options of purchasing new software, assessment tools or subscribing to a coaching magazine this year. If that’s the case, do NOT do so until you check the available discounts offered by the 14 current ICF Resource Partners.
Not familiar with the Resource Partners? They are organizations that have partnered with the ICF to offer substantial discounts on their tools and services. These organizations specialize in everything from virtual office software to professional indemnity and public liability insurance and even office supplies. In other words, they have the tools you need to build your business!

Not only that, but these are items most people plan to invest in anyway—might as well be budget savvy and take advantage of the discounted rate.

Current ICF Resource Partners and what they offer:
For specifics on all Resource Partner discounts, click here.

What product or organization is not on this list that you would like to see one day? 


  1. How about the ICF referral service? It has "paid" for my membership several years now.

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