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Happenings from the January Board Meeting

Posted on Wednesday, January 26, 2011 by International Coach Federation

Dear ICF Colleagues-

The global ICF Board held a very productive meeting on January 22, 2011 covering a broad range of topics. I wanted to give you a brief summary of what the Board did with more details to follow.

2011 Global Board of Directors
Recognizing the importance of communicating clearly and effectively to our members in a multi-lingual environment, the Board approved a formal policy for the translation of documents that will take effect on April 1, 2011 and provides for (1) refreshing the current Spanish, French, German and Portuguese micro web sites at least once each year and updating key documents as needed; (2) translating member survey questionnaires into our four primary languages other than English; (3) translating the monthly member updates along with the monthly President's column from the Coaching World newsletter, and relevant press releases.

In the credentialing and program accreditation area, the Board approved two policies dealing with the definition of "Mentor Coaching" and the reinstatement of credentials where they have lapsed or expired. The Board wishes to thank the many member volunteers who have worked on these policies through the Credentialing and Program Accreditation Committee, as well as the many other policies and procedures they are continuing to work on related to enhancements to this program area.

In terms of developing future leaders from within ICF's ranks, the Board approved in principle a proposal to create an ICF Leadership Institute, with a pilot program to begin sometime this summer subject to the approval of a business plan and adequate funding being available. The Leadership Institute proposal is based on the Harvard University Graduate School of Education model for Management and Leadership. It will have a Steering Committee and Advisory Board made up of ICF members and led by global Board members Damian Goldvarg and Cheryl Vermey, respectively. More details on applying to be a participant or subject matter expert presenter will be made available in the coming months.

The Board also approved Chapter Leadership Ethical Guidelines that were developed in a collaborative effort by the Membership & Community Committee and the Ethics and Standards Committee. These Guidelines give more clarity about the high standards of ethical and professional conduct that we expect of our chapter leaders (presidents, board members and committee mebers) and how chapter members can hold their leaders to those standards without the need for micromanagement from the global organization. The Guidelines also recognize that resources are available from global, such as mediator assistance, when needed.

I also reported to the Board on a program being developed called the Diversity and Multicultural Awareness Group. Starting in February, I will host a series of calls where all ICF members can come and discuss the challenges and ways to meet them so that ICF can be a model of inclusivity for all international member organizations. I expect that many global Board members will also want to attend these calls and to hear first-hand how we can work together to build on the strengths we have with nearly 18,000 members in 104 countries around the world.

Ed Modell, PCCPresident, International Coach Federation

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