Monday, January 10, 2011

Coaching Young Adults

Posted on Monday, January 10, 2011 by International Coach Federation

One month ago, this blog featured the post The client demographic you should be targeting now. The below was written by a coach who targets this demographic in her coaching practice.

There was recent ICF research found that 25- to 34- year-olds are more aware of professional coaching, more aware of the ICF, more satisfied with their coaching experience and more likely to recommend coaching to others than their older counterparts.

In my coaching practice, I have targeted this age group. And to acknowledge myself, I have been successful at it.

First, I know my market. I know their likes, interests and challenges - I can relate to them. In my 20's I experienced a lot of confusion and with they help of a coach, I found direction, meaning and purpose. Life is full of transitions, and one of the biggest transitions is into "adulthood."

Many young adults experience setbacks, making it challenging to adjust and achieve their personal and professional goals. From relationships, career, finances and personal development, this age group has learned from early experiences but still has plenty of time ahead of them.

Research says, "The transition to adulthood is a complex process in which youth who have been dependent on parents throughout childhood start taking definitive steps to achieve measures of financial, residential, and emotional independence, and to take on more adult roles as citizen, spouse, parent, and worker. This transition can be a period of growth and accomplishment, especially when youth have the resources they need to navigate this process, such as community connections and a stable family that can provide guidance and financial assistance if needed, and access to education and experiences that provide a foundation for learning, life skills, and credentials."

Second, the fact that your brain never stops developing is the perfect opportunity for coaches to step in and assist individuals to make positive changes.

Coaching this age group to replace old limiting beliefs with expanding beliefs is essential because they are looking for answers to change habits and behaviors. This age group is open to explore new possibilities and new ways of thinking. I find that young adults are very motivated and coachable.

Lastly, I know how to find my market. I chose my main means of marketing to young adults via the internet. Since many 25 - 34 year old's were originally shown the internet at school they are most familiar with looking for resources on the internet. Using social media, e-mail marketing strategies and other online marketing strategies makes it easy to reach young adults.

It is very exciting and rewarding to put young adults on the path to discover their truth and life purpose.

I love coaching and making the decision to become a coach was one of the best decisions of my life. Remember, if you stretch your potential as a coach, you help others meet their potential.

Reach out to a young adult and offer coaching.

Anna Goldstein, January 2011


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