Friday, January 21, 2011

Marketing 101: What first impression do you make?

Posted on Friday, January 21, 2011 by International Coach Federation

A lot of first impressions are made when meeting somebody in person. But today, more and more of those first impressions are no longer through a personal contact, but online: We meet people and future clients on networking platforms and we are often found via our websites and social media profiles.

What do people see when visiting your social media profiles, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.? What is their first impression? Are they seeing the real you? Does it reflect your value?

Here three tips to help you make a difference:
  1. Make a critical review of your social media profiles: How do they look? Do they include all relevant keywords, a brief but good description of what you do and offer? Did you include customer testimonials? How about your photo? Do you have a professional head shot?
  2. Does your website, blog or online business card have its own domain name? Or do you have it hosted with another provider? Although sites such as wordpress provide free hosting, a personalized domain name is much more professional than a generic subdomain.
  3. What about your e-mail address? Sending e-mails from an address like is perceived as much more professional than any hotmail, gmail or yahoo address.

Don’t forget however that in-person meetings also lay the base for the future. Typically you leave or exchange business cards. What do they look like? Are they well printed? Do you have an attractive design and a professional layout including your contact details, and links of your social media profiles?

First impressions count, and will set the bar for how much money you can demand for your services.

Make a good impression and you will stand out!

Next time I will give you a list of what should and what should not be included in your social media profiles.

Claudia Seeger is an expert in marketing, communications and new media. She is Marketing Director at an international high-tech company and Executive and Business Coach at Tall Trees Executive Coaching.


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