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Letting Go Letting Go

Posted on Friday, January 13, 2012 by International Coach Federation

SIG  Energy Work and Coaching: The Next Wave Presenter: Rhona Post, MCC
When: Third Monday of Every Month, January 16 2012
Virtual +1.212.457.9879
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Title:  Letting Go Letting Go 

Welcome to the Energy Work and Coaching SIG where coaches from all over the world bring their knowledge and wisdom of natural and energy healing to their coaching practice.  Our SIG participants are interested in deepening their skills in various coaching competencies including cultivating a centered presence, powerful communication and listening.

December’s topic was Holding Patterns--how what we hold onto holds onto us. We explored how something innocuous like waiting in an airplane that is being forced to circle the airport (holding pattern) can ignite a variety of emotional, physical and psychological responses.

During the 2011 SIG sessions we got underneath our story lines to observe the real drivers that pull or push us in one direction or another. Why? Because we’re interested in bridging our own four aspects, mind, body, spirit and emotions, and learning creative ways to better assist our clients incorporate their four aspects.

January’s call is an invitation to investigate the art and science of Letting Go so that we can bring more of ourselves to the 2012 party.

Rhona Post, MCC

Whether you approach a new year on tiptoes or throw
yourself fully into the month, how can you make the process of Letting Go more joyous for yourself and others? Letting go is not for sissies, as it requires a release of control. Our January topic is multi -faceted topic and it will arouse excitement and anxiety. For more information on how you can incorporate healing in your coaching practice, contact Rhona Post, The Healer Coach, at or by phone at +1.941.554.8466.

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