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The “Power of Three” Coaching Brand Challenge

Posted on Monday, January 16, 2012 by International Coach Federation

The below post is by Brenda Bence, a 2011 ICF Annual International Conference speaker. Watch for posts from other 2011 conference speakers on the ICF blog over the next several months.

I recently ran across a fascinating article about “The Power of Three.” The basic premise of the article is that three is an important – and almost ‘mystical’ – number for a whole host of reasons.

Here are just a few:
  • Three shows up in mythology: three fates, three muses, three graces.
  • Three is a prevalent component of fairy tales: three wishes, three little pigs, three bears.
  • Three is enough to create a series – a pattern of cause and effect.
  • There are three stages of truth: first a concept is rejected, second it is violently opposed, third it is accepted as self-evident.
  • Three is a basic structure of life: carbohydrates, protein, fat: electron, proton, neutron.
  • There are three dimensions of time: past, present, future.
  • And three forms the basic structure of stories: beginning, middle, end.
Interesting, isn’t it?

So, as we enter a new year, I figured we could benefit from this same ‘Power of Three’ concept to look back and reflect on your brand building efforts as a coach in 2011.

If you joined us at the ICF Conference in Las Vegas in September 2011, you’ll know that I define your “brand” as “the way you want clients to perceive, think, and feel about you as a coach.”  With that definition in mind, here are a few “three-related” questions for reflection…
  • What are the three biggest actions you took in 2011 that strengthened your brand as a coach the most?
  • Knowing what you know now, what three branding actions would you have done differently in 2011 if you could do them over again?
  • Reflecting on your answers to the questions above, what three actions will you take in 2012 to grow your brand as a coach even further?
Let’s share the learning!

(Of course, after you’ve given these questions some thought, I would also encourage you to take time out and thank at least three people who have helped you build your brand this year. Who would that be for you?)

Brenda Bence
Brenda Bence is an experienced senior executive coach, dynamic trainer and speaker, internationally-recognized branding expert, and author of four award-winning corporate and personal branding books.

With an MBA from Harvard Business School, Brenda spent the first 20 years of her career building mega brands for Fortune 100 companies, where she was a senior executive responsible for billion-dollar businesses across four continents and 50 countries.

In 2002, Brenda left the corporate world and founded BDA International. Now, with clients that span the globe and with offices in both the U.S. and Asia, Brenda travels the world speaking, training, and coaching individuals, entrepreneurs, and corporations to greater success through creative yet practical brand development.

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  1. Loved this post and also the blog. Branding Agencies in India are also catching up with the West. Lets hope a war and more creativity.


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