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Posted on Wednesday, February 08, 2012 by International Coach Federation

Last November, when I had the honor of being asked to be one of the guest writers for International Coaching Week on this blog, I got really, really excited, unable to foresee the challenging situation I would find myself in when the time to write this piece came.

You see, for me, International Coaching Week is all about celebration. We celebrate our profession and its value through all kind of activities like workshops, presentations, and pro-bono sessions, educating the general public and giving back to community at the same time.

Yet, in the week when I needed to be in this festive mood the most, my mother was admitted to the hospital in a critical condition.

At the same time the situation in my country was seriously challenging my optimism.

With the deadline for the blog post approaching, I found myself in the corridors of the public hospital with my laptop on my knees, dealing with feelings of fear at the possibility of losing my mother and of despair and uncertainty about the future of my country.

How could I write this article? It just seemed impossible to shift into the mood required. Or was it?

Part of our job as a coach is to challenge our clients to reframe situations, to shift perspectives and find something positive even in the most challenging circumstances. Part of my life has been to challenge myself and overcome what seems impossible.

So here it is - I am challenging myself to be in a festive mood and find the best reasons to celebrate:
  • We are members of a community (ICF) in the service of helping humanity flourishing.
  • We are 20,159 strong and we are growing! The 20,000th member registered on February 1.
  • We have the privilege to be in a profession that focuses on values. We help our clients reconnect with their values and drive a meaningful life.
  • We are change agents; we facilitate positive transformation.
  • We are witnesses of this positive transformation, we watch our clients flourish and we grow together with them.
  • We are in a profession of shifting perspectives!
On a more personal level, I celebrate my commitment to a profession which I love, to a profession that I feel passionate about and is in the service of what I care about most: people.

Yes, there is always something to feel good about, to feel proud of and grateful for. Something to keep us motivated and inspired; something to celebrate!

Katerina Kanelidou, ACC
So, my fellow coaches around the globe: what do we / you have to celebrate this very special week and every other week?

Katerina Kanelidou, ACC, is founder of Creative Empowerment, specializing in leadership coaching and team development. She is a member of the 2012 ICF Global Conference Steering Committee and co-chair of the marketing subcommittee. Katerina loves connecting with people, so feel free to connect with her on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook.


  1. Katerina, thank you so much for this inspiring post that reminds us of the good things we do in our profession. I am so sorry about the challenges you face personally with your mother so sick. You always shine in spite of the shadows that lurk, and even when it takes supreme effort to do so.

    Each time I listen to the news and hear the latest broadcasts about Greece, I also think of you and know that every drop of positive thinking and action you are depositing into the Universe is somehow making a difference.

    I am proud to be among the ranks of coaches and of people like you. You can bet I will be sharing your post in celebration of this week, taking away new inspiration from it, and also remembering you.

  2. Katerina, thank you for being a contagious spirit of life, irrepressible love and unshakable belief in the power of hope. Your courage to share your life with us all is an important reminder of the power in vulnerability that opens doors of possibility that the mind often closes yet the heart reopens again and again. Blessings to you and prayers for your family.

  3. Great and so inspiring post Katerina.
    My prayers for your mother.

  4. Dear Katerina, Thank you for your challenging insights, your passionate commitment and your compassionate care. Your unique voice, spirit and love are so needed in our world. With appreciation, kind thoughts and prayers. Jan

  5. Iris, Janet, Nihad, Jan, I am deeply touched by your comments.
    Grateful to be a coach. Proud to be member of such community :)

  6. Dear Katerina, every time I turn on the TV and see news about Greece I think of you and your commitment - which shines out as commitment to your country, to the power of coaching and to your fellow human beings (not necessarily in that order!)

  7. Thank you Helen! Commitment comes easy when we have faith in something/ someone ;-)


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