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Getting your act together and taking it on the road

Posted on Tuesday, February 07, 2012 by International Coach Federation

When I joined the newly founded ICF association in 1999, and was awarded the MCC designation, I was part of a small elite group of pioneers who shared a vision of what might be possible if more people had access to coaching.

Over the past twelve years, my vision for what is possible using coaching has deepened. ICF has grown from a few thousand coaches to more than 20,000 members worldwide. To witness such huge growth in a new profession is inspiring. To be part of a community is a natural drive for us (mammals); I am grateful for the many opportunities ICF provides to encourage the expansion of ideas, theories and practices.

A year ago I started a Special Interest Group to focus on the integration of energy work and coaching. By providing a platform for coaches who were also learning to use alternative/complimentary healing with their current coaching modalities I felt that we would benefit from sharing our varied learning approaches, as well as increase our confidence and skill to promote how we can better bridge “current” coaching techniques with energy work to serve our business and life coaching clients.

To celebrate International Coaching Week, we have an opportunity to get our acts together and take it on the road. I’m asking Energy Work & Coaching SIG members to take the risk and offer one business or corporate client the chance to experience your “healing” skills. With your longer-term clients, it is much easier to ask them to try something new or different because you already have the relationship in place. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to ask. Don’t be attached to the outcome. Be curious and joyful as you give yourself permission to bring more of yourself to the coaching session.

I’m offering pro- bono healer coaching sessions next week, in particular working with several “trauma” cases, because that is an area that intrigues me. These clients are cynical about energy work but they are suffering enough from their traumas that they are willing to try anything to stop the pain. I will tread lightly, build their trust and confidence and take them step-by-step so that they can pace themselves with the combined modalities. I know I have the big guns ready, but often people who are new to alternative approaches need baby steps to start. Unless the client is hemorrhaging on the floor in front of you, baby steps work big magic.

Rhona Post, MCC
What we do matters! That’s why we became coaches. Please use the International Coaching Week to take what you know on the road.

For more information on the Energy Work & Coaching SIG please contact Rhona at
rhonapost@gmail.com or call +1.941.554.8466 to set up your healer coaching session.

Rhona Post, MA MCC
The Healer Coach, LLC
Sarasota, FL, USA

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