Thursday, February 16, 2012

ICF staff makes ripples

Posted on Thursday, February 16, 2012 by International Coach Federation

For the second year in a row, International Coach Federation staff members commemorated International Coaching Week by volunteering at locally-based International Book Project (IBP). 

IBP is a Lexington, Kentucky based nonprofit whose mission is to promote education and literacy while broadening Americans’ understanding of their neighbors by sending quality used books overseas. IBP sends more than 150,000 books to schools, libraries, churches, nonprofits, and Peace Corps volunteers in over 40 developing countries. Learn more about IBP.

ICF staffers at International Book Project
People from across the city, state, and nation donate books to IBP for their cause. Those books that are not able to be used overseas are stocked in the IBP bookstore that is open to the public. All proceeds from these books are put toward shipping costs of those books that do go overseas. ICF staffers sorted through boxes of books and worked to stock the shelves of the bookstore.

This was a most fitting end to International Coaching Week—and so fulfilling for staff members to get out of the office to help the community, and the world. Check out the IBP blog to see the kind of impact their organization has on the world.

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