Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Celebrating coaching excellence

Posted on Tuesday, October 16, 2012 by International Coach Federation

During ICF Global 2012, three organizations were honored with the International ICF Prism Award. They were: Banner Health, United Nations Secretariat, and Roche Turkey. The Royal Australian Navy was awarded an honorable mention.

Banner Health was unable to join us in London.
This award is presented annually to organizations that have demonstrated high standards of excellence through the implementation of coaching programs for cultural change, leadership development, and more.

Banner Health, one of the largest, nonprofit healthcare systems in the U.S., has flourished despite major challenges. Their massive coaching program has offered leadership development to more than 2,000 employees through one-on-one coaching sessions and several classroom opportunities. Banner employees have seen improved conflict resolution, teamwork, productivity, patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes.

United Nations Secretariat
Coaching came to the United Nations Secretariat as part of an action plan to help managers deal with a tremendously complex global operating environment. However, coaching did more than help them deal with complexity; it has started to re-shape the culture of the organization. In 2009, Encompass LLC began developing a coaching program as a component of the UN Secretariat’s Management Development Program. In all, more than 1,000 employees have been coached. The program has had the greatest impact on job effectiveness. There was an 87.6 percent return on investment (ROI), which indicates for each dollar invested in coaching there is a $1.88 return.

Roche Turkey
Roche Turkey, a subsidiary of a multinational healthcare company Roche Group, coached high potential leaders to become “internal” coaches, then offered another 45 high potential employees, 12 coaching sessions with an internal or an external coach. Roche Turkey has dramatically increased employee engagement from 55 percent to 66 percent; expanded its talent pool by 22 percent; developed its leadership talent and enhanced internal promotions and international assignments. As a result of the coaching initiative, Roche Turkey has been rated as a “high-performing” company rather than being in the “indifferent” zone in terms of engagement.

Royal Australian Navy
In 2009, the Royal Australian Navy shifted their focus. They wanted to move their culture from one of “can do at any cost” to focusing on “balancing the needs of people and task to achieve the mission.” To accomplish this goal, they focused on a leadership development program, which offered a three-day workshop that fed into individual and group coaching options. The coaching programs were adopted to accelerate the transition of learning into the workplace and achieved an astounding ROI of 723 percent. A total of 460 people were coached and the results included improvements in trust between ranks, the effectiveness of communications, and the sense of professionalism held by Navy personnel.

Learn more about the International ICF Prism Award and its recipients, past and present.


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