Saturday, October 6, 2012

Flash Mob Coaching

Posted on Saturday, October 06, 2012 by International Coach Federation

The below message is from a participant of the Flash Mob Coaching activity with Shivani Mair that took place at ICF Global 2012.    

Flash Mob Coaching in action!
How would you feel, if you had to go in the street to offer people a 10 minutes coaching session? Well, I tested it for you. And I’ve been…positively surprised! Despite the bright Smurf-colored T-shirt and the sheet to sign which were together strangely close to the perfect Fund raising kit, despite the horrified – but understandable – reaction most of the people had to this first image, some of them were curious and open-minded enough to give it a chance. And as the outcome was something like “Whoa, thank you, I was sincerely not expecting this at all,” I spontaneously answered that “Me neither!”.

On this fast-everything planet, I strongly believe in the “take your time” approach. Therefore, is it technically possible to have an efficient session of 10 minutes only? And could a flash mob coaching really make a difference in someone’s life? The answer might definitely be yes, if we refer to the feedback given by most of the 35 people’s coaches loose in London’s streets as flash mob guinea pigs.

In conclusion, flash mob coaching could be an innovative and powerful way to allow people to get to know by experience what the coaching is: isn’t it an awesome option? Only the frame of the session could be improved, in my opinion: why not, for example, being dressed as usual and holding a sign with a “Free coaching” mention on it? Zero obligation, only proposition: I bet free hugs and free coaching have the same genes, haven’t they?

Submitted by Martine Corthésy


  1. Thanks Martine for the post! It was an amazing experience being part of the Flash Mob Coaching and despite many many rejections of my approaches on the street, the two people I coached DID have a positive shift in only 10 minutes. WOW.
    Powerful, and worth making the tweaks to bring this to the masses. I love the accessibility of the approach. It worked for me.
    -Jan Carley

  2. Due to Leaders Forum I couldn't be at the Flash Mob...but... I did asked Shivani Mair to test with me her talent! We had an amazing session that really worth in almost 10/15 minutes. She is great, clear, direct and effective. Her initiative to take this global could be a great move for the advancement of the awareness of profesional coaching. Thanks Shivani...Im doing my work! :) :) Gerardo Silbert - /

  3. Thank you for your wonderful feedback Gerardo - it makes my heart smile :)
    You were a wonderful client and a great chance to test this 'speed coaching activity' on a seasoned coach.
    No doubt we will meet again soon.
    Martine - great article, thanks for sharing
    Jan -your enthusiasm is infectious, thank you
    Shivani Mair,

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