Monday, October 8, 2012

Savor the moment

Posted on Monday, October 08, 2012 by International Coach Federation

Do you remember your birthdays when you were a kid?

What I remember best was the cake!

My mother would make something very simple, yet it was a cake fit for a queen! 

It was a round and chocolate with rich, sweet icing and Smarties (the Irish equivalent of M&Ms) decorating the top. 

It was always the same special birthday cake.

I remember that most times I would eat the cake, carefully leaving the icing and the sweets for the last.  Then this gooey, sweet treat awaited and became the last perfect, mouth-watering taste.

As I write this I can feel the Pavlovian effect, my taste buds peaked, my mouth watering!

Yesterday I thought about this birthday treat and how I still do the same thing, savoring the very best bits of life.

Let me explain.

Every morning I walk my dog to this really special place.  There is a spectacular view across the valley and each day it looks different; the light changes, the sun is in a slightly different position, sometimes it's hazy and each season brings different colors and light.

Well, I noticed that yesterday I walked with my head bowed for most of the way.  Then as I got to that very special place where I stand each morning, that spot where the view is most beautiful, I lifted my head.  It was breath-taking. 

I had savored the special moment until I could practically taste it.  I didn't look around me at all during the walk.  I waited until I got to the place with the landscape would be most stunning.  It was just like the chocolate icing and sweets that the end of the cake.  Until that moment I hadn't noticed that this is so often what I do, I simply savor the best bit!

We have so many moments to savor in life.  So many special places and amazing people, so many everyday experiences that are truly wonderful!

Lisa Bloom, PCC
How do you savor them?

Lisa Bloom, PCC is founder of Story Coach Inc. and the Certified Story Coach Program.  Download her ebook ‘Using Stories to Get Great Clients’ at

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