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Practices and Projects: The Core of Coaching

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Energy Work and Coaching Community of Practice
November 16, 2012 11:00 a.m. (New York)
Call In: +1.712.451.6000
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Facilitator: Rhona Post, MA MCC CCIP, www.thehealercoach.com, rpost@thehealercoach.com

Welcome to the last 2012 tele-class for the Community of Practice for Energy Work and Coaching. Over the year I have incorporated three different modalities in the calls—mindfulness, somatic coaching and Core Individuation energy work. Using this three-pronged approach we have touched upon issues that influence and impact our way of being with clients and learned specific practices we can do that strengthen our core competencies in the areas of Centered Presence, Active Listening, Powerful Questions, and Direct Communication.

Participants have brought courage, commitment and playfulness to these coaching sessions, demonstrating skill and ease as they tackle new practices.

James Flaherty, my first coaching teacher used to say we have private and public identities; often these identities differ. Our pubic identity may show us as successful, powerful, even happy, while our private identity is built upon shame or guilt. Our job as coaches is to both awaken our clients to explore these identities and provide practices they can do to close the gaps between these identities. Why? We all want to experience wholeness-that sense of ease and spaciousness guiding us to be open to possibilities.

During each monthly call we experiment with different practices, using the time as a mini -laboratory. Like our clients, we resonate towards some practices and resist doing others. Ironically, the practices we resist doing are the ones that will bring us the best results.

Rhona Post, MCC
If you have tried a practice during the year, and let it go, please bring your questions to our November class. Our inclination towards short cuts, coping mechanisms, tips and techniques overrides our good intention to practice. We’re in search of the magic bullet. What gets in your way of practicing? 
As time allows, we will review the distinctions between practices and projects. Developing proficiency in a core competence requires practice and patience. We will tease apart the concept of patience, exploring its components, from acceptance to irritation. What you discover will inform you how your beliefs shape your emotions, actions and results.

For more information on Energy work and Coaching, and how I successfully integrate these discourses in my coaching please give me a call at +1.941.554.8466. Individual Healer Coaching sessions are available as well. Be Well. Be Happy, Rhona Post, The Healer Coach

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