Thursday, February 10, 2011

Energy Work & Coaching: The Next Wave

Posted on Thursday, February 10, 2011 by International Coach Federation

“Matter can neither be created nor destroyed; it just keeps changing form.” Albert Einstein

Rhona Post, MCC
As a child I always thought this statement pithy in some unfathomable way, yet felt its veracity important to maintain. Throughout my life I have circled around this concept and have finally been successful including Einstein’s thinking in my coaching practice.

I started first with Ontological coaching (the meaning of being a human being), progressed to Somatic coaching (the integration of mind, body and spirit) and finally rested with Core Individuation, an energy healing discourse that has helped me integrate all four aspects of the self (mind, body, intellect and spirit). I can look at my thirty years of study and report that it is the energy work that truly informs my coaching.

I think we mirror for our clients what we want most for ourselves, whether that is the freedom to express our best self, the yearning to feel whole, even the renewed confidence to keep grappling with life issues.

The inclusion of energy work in a coaching practice deepens our skill to establish trust and intimacy with clients, and most important, an energy healing practice, alongside a spiritual practice helps us access our own intuition so that we can move effortlessly between head and heart. When we listen to the wisdom of all our parts, mind, body, spirit and emotions, we move with greater ease towards what truly matters.

My orientation as a coach has shifted to include a much stronger commitment to nurturing what is best in a person, even as they fight for their limitations.

With support from ICF and in particular, Don Whittle, Membership Director, I am starting a new telephone SIG, Monday, February 21, from 11:00 to 12 noon, and meeting every third Monday of the month, to explore the value and benefits of adding an energy healing practice to our coaching. I do hope you join me and our colleagues in what promises to be the next wave of coaching.

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  1. Thank you Rhonda for starting this conversation. I am a coach who is currently a student with the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and love coaching and energy work. I can say that I already have seen a huge difference in my coaching abilities and enhanced experience for my clients since I have started the energy work. It is also my experience that there are a lot of coaches who are combining practices - many are Reike Masters, etc.- at least for their own personal development.

    I look forward to being a part of this group.

  2. I appreciate your comment and your email letting me know you will join our might group of energy workers and coaches. My hope is that over time we build such a wave that ICF includes a new category of coaches-healer coaches like ourselves. Amen. Talk with you Monday, February 21, 11:00am EST. --Rhona


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