Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Body domain: the lost continent

Posted on Tuesday, June 14, 2011 by International Coach Federation

What can coaches do when they hit an invisible verbal ceiling with their coachees? How should coaches continue the process when it seems that words aren´t enough?

Usually there is a deficit to use somatic knowledge when in session. When a coach not only has distinctions of non verbal communication, but is able to apply body dynamics (not only focused in techniques); these competencies allow for increasing the effectiveness of the interventions. The body dialectic enriches the process…

On one hand there are coachees who just cannot clear verbalise their real breakdown. Others may feel they can. But when it´s time to show what is happening for them and their desires, the body has its own voice in a different way of getting the message across. That means that very frequent the body´s coachee talks something different than his mind, has a different code, a different time to learn.

To further the coaching process, coaches should use a combination of verbal and non verbal approach. That is to say to know which type of strategy should be used to work the breakdown, to be aware of what the coachee is able to do when doing a body dynamic, what techniques or disciplines.

It doesn´t have the same impact and we have to know when it´s appropriate and timely to use music or elements with symbolic meaning to solve a breakdown and when not, when it´s adequate to draw or to make a collage, etc. I have learned when to move together with my coachee, and when to leave well alone; in so doing I practice being a compassionate and alert witness.

When using this approach, body manisfestation should be brought to the attention of the coachee so he could make a connection with his everyday life.
Andrea Gregoris Kamenszein

It is amazing to use power of movement as a way of growth. Often it supports a faster and deeper coaching process that the coachee clear can appreciate.

How is your experience regarding the body domain in session?

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Lic. Andrea Gregoris Kamenszein

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