Friday, June 3, 2011

How Edgy are YOU?

Posted on Friday, June 03, 2011 by International Coach Federation

Lynn Meinke
As coaches we “dance” with our clients as we follow where they lead. This is a major premise of coaching and one that serves our clients well. There is another aspect of coaching that allows us to take coaching into the outer reaches of what is possible and that is when our clients and we engage in “Playing to the Edge.”

“Playing to the Edge,” means that we are willing to stretch or challenge our thinking, our ways of being, allow ourselves not to know and take appropriate risks. “Playing to the Edge” encourages us and our clients to step out of mediocrity and move into the vastness and excitement of potential. If age, money, health or education were not a consideration, what would you do? Who would you be? What is your wildest, most outrageous dream? What would it take for you to move in that direction?

“Playing to the Edge” is the theme of this year’s ICF International Conference. The Educational Steering Committee chose this theme for many reasons. First, the Conference is in Las Vegas, which is known for risk taking. Second, as coaching continues to mature, we need to stay fresh, look at new realities, and challenge our beliefs and knowledge. Third, “playing,” indicates a sense of spontaneity and freedom, so how can we light-heartedly continue our growth as human beings and coaches as we examine and explore new ideas, challenge old concepts and arrive at new plateaus of meaning?

Join us in Las Vegas from September 24-27 for the ICF International Conference and pick the topics and presenters that will stretch you and support you in “Playing to the Edge.”

Also, have fun during the entire Conference and especially at the opening reception that is designed to inspire your creativity as you enjoy a comparative wine tasting, or if you’re not a wine drinker you’ll engage in a comparative chocolate tasting.

Go to: for more in depth information.

Please introduce yourself…I’d love to personally greet you!


Lynn MeinkeChair: 2011 ICF Conference Educational Steering Committee

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