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The Internal and External Conversations We Have Around Healing

Posted on Monday, June 06, 2011 by International Coach Federation

Since February 2011, when I started the Energy Work & Coaching SIG, I’ve been surprised, even amazed with the depth of our conversations as we celebrate the value and benefits combining these two modalities has provided both us and our clients.

Participation in the third Monday of each month call is an invitation to expand our individual skill set in the areas of Coaching Presence, Building Trust and Intimacy and Powerful Questions, to name a few of the ICF Core Competencies, but more important, these calls affirm a commitment to expanding our coaching repertoire so that we better model a whole/ authentic identity. We are not alone, as the recent popular documentary, I AM, asserts. During these calls I lead the group in a centering/ embodiment practice which serves to ground our conversations.

Today’s call (May 2011) focused on the healer label; our personal, even cultural concerns about calling ourselves healers. My partner in this discussion, Sheridan Gates ( is a seasoned coach and certified energy practitioner, who has over time, shifted her focus from corporate coaching and consulting to finding a more authentic way to present her gifts. She pointed out that this has been a journey; it has taken some time to embody the healer’s mantle as part of her overall coaching persona.

We all acknowledged how the inclusion of energy work has opened up possibilities in our practice; clients often change their lives completely. Clients experience more peace, more joy and more possibilities for how they can live and work in the world.

We discussed the hurdles we encounter to bridge what is often viewed as disparate identities—energy healer on one side, and business or executive coach on the other. We pointed to many examples within our culture where healers are physicians, providing cures-- not coaches. Are these two separate paths, or is there a way we can with confidence and humility incorporate both identities?

Rhona Post, MCC

Sheridan and I talked about surrendering to our passion, giving ourselves permission to publicly state that we are energy workers and coaches.

I’ve observed that the more we accept where we are on this journey, the easier it becomes for others to accept and trust us. The June SIG promises to be another hot topic: “Why Taking on a Spiritual Practice Is a Good Thing.”

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  1. Rhona, When i decided to get myself certified as a Coach to be professional, after decades of corporate, NGO, entrepreneurial and spiritual experience, i was very pleasantly surprised to find how akin coaching was to meditation. That is when i decided to make this a career.

    I too am a trained healer, and in quite a few disciplines. As well as in NLP, Hypnosis and other processes. My belief is that a study of all these and mastery of some can make a person a far better coach. Whether more authentic or not , i don't know, since i strive to be authentic in whatever i do.

    It's essential that one wears a coach's hat while coaching, focusing on the present moment realities of the client concerning the client's wishes and goals. However, an understanding of other 'spiritual' disciplines surely add value to the client.

    My blog reflects this convergence.

    cheers ram

  2. Rhona,
    It was such a pleasant gift to read your story of bringing "energy work" into mainstream coaching and confidently sharing the depth that this melding provides.
    I refer to myself as an "energy intuitive" with various certifications in modalities that range from clinical aromatherapy to medical intuitive training. As my academic accomplishments were also in metaphysics it was no small chore to find a cohesive segway into legitimizing my already established coaching practice in each, and every session with my clients, with mainstream coaching and it's credentialling process.
    As an active board member for our local ICF Chapter I have gingerly walked the sometimes tricky realm between these worlds awaiting the time that the mainstream would catch up with my offerings.
    It was so refreshing to hear you share enthusiastically how much more powerful the transitions in your clientele could be with the integration of coaching and energy work and simply couldn't agree more!
    Much gratitude for your boldness and courage!
    Tatiana H Irvin

  3. Ram:

    I appreciate that you took the time to read my blog and to respond. I concur with your viewpoint about the value and benefit to any coach to include a spiritual practice as part of an overall daily practice.

    The addition of a practice that brings out one's best self cannot be over looked. We bring that nurtured part of us to all our engagements.

    In the Energy work and Coaching SIg, I am taking this conversation one step further. As my coaching colleagues clarify for themselves the kinds of spiritual practices they can engage in to promote a deeper centered presence, an improved ability to listen deeply, ask powerful questions, and foster trust and intimacy throughout coaching conversations, I am inviting them to hone their awareness to "see" how working with a client's energetic anatomy supports the client to integrate the four aspects of the self, mind, body, spirit and emotions. Working in the energetic anatomy is the most effective method I have found to help clients achieve wholeness (of the self). When we feel whole, we are more authentic as we are "true" to ourselves.

    Happy Trails,

    SIG Leader: Energy Work & Coaching: The Next Wave

  4. HI Tatiana:

    What a fabulous combination of modalities and approaches you bring to the coaching world. I am appreciative of your comments regarding my courage to integrate healing and coaching. To know that I am not alone is wonderful. To know that we are not alone makes all the difference.

    I hope you can join us on Monday, June 20th, at 11:-00 a.m.


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