Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wisdom for new coaches

Posted on Thursday, June 30, 2011 by International Coach Federation

About a month ago, we asked our Facebook fans to share one thing they wish they had done (or knew or considered) when they first became a coach.

Several people chimed in and to share the knowledge, all responses are listed below. If you are a new coach (or you know someone who is newly treading the coaching waters), these are great pieces of advice to consider.
  • “The crucial importance of smart marketing, business planning, and partnerships. Though the coaching skills may be there, these are the backbone of a sustainable practice.” (Andrew Carter)
  • “That I would have made it into my 'passion' as full time work.” (Neal Elefant)
  • “…basic business practices and a graduate level marketing course.” (Becky Henry)
  • “That 'career of my dreams' wasn't synonymous with 'a walk in the park.'” (Marlene Davis McCallum)
  • “I wish I had better information on courses offered. I am very happy with the Life Coach Institute, but I still do not know how the other courses compare.” (Jason Holcomb Bour)
  • “That I believed in myself, my coaching skills and the power of coaching a lot earlier and charged what I charge now back then! I'd have made a lot more money a lot faster!!” (Simon Smith)
  • “Wish I knew how important the sales/marketing piece was.” (Natalie Kallen Trabert)
  • “The importance of getting experience!” (Huda Al-Medlej)
  • “Wish I would have made creating a website/CMS a priority.” (Matt Naskrent)
  • “That everything's about STARTING.” (Jimmy Loyal)
  • “Be more interactive with the coaching community.” (Mau Espinosa)

What about you? What is something you wish you had known or done when you first began coaching?


  1. Am a new Coach , couple of things I have done are the following : Attended Coach Training Programs from 2 different Schools , this has confirmed the underlying Principles and have given me flexibility in coaching sessions as there are different frameworks to chose from intuitively .

    Have still to create a Website , and based on some comments above , will be a priority for the next months .

    Your past credibility plays a significant role in getting initial coaching assignments .

  2. Hi Rahulhaz,

    Those are great things that you have done already! Thanks for sharing your input. Best wishes in your journey!



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