Monday, August 8, 2011

Coach Those Who Are Holding Up the World on Behalf of Us All

Posted on Monday, August 08, 2011 by International Coach Federation

If there's a more beleaguered group of leaders outside of nonprofits -- especially those who serve the poor -- I don't know who they are. Just when donations are down, the need for food, shelter and jobs is exploding for the people they serve.

For leaders on the front line fighting poverty, it's way beyond 'doing more with less'. They wrestle daily with how to keep the doors open to their constituents and keep their staff engaged, inspired and contributing. As for leadership development for themselves and their team, well, that’s a pipe dream.

And this is where coaches come in. If you're looking for a client base that’s hungry for what you have to offer, look no further.

There are nonprofit leaders in your city right now who can only imagine having a partner who is 100 percent committed to seeing them thrive, amidst deeply challenging circumstances.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself coaching the senior leadership team. Many nonprofits are small to mid-sized, so you’ll probably start at the top of the organization, where your impact is greatest.

Call them forth by asking, What’s waiting to happen here? What are you on the edge of? Then watch out! The senior team – and you – will be off and running.

Odds are they can’t pay you much. But times will get better. And don’t forget these organizations have a Board of Directors, often filled with influential business leaders who could use coaching in their companies. So your networking and referral opportunities may abound.

As you consider who you might serve the best, remember those who serve the most.
Cathy Perry PCC, CPCC, is founder of The InwardBound Center for Nonprofit Leadership. The Center brings leadership coaching and training to organizations who serve the poor, and envisions the day when these organizations are ranked among the finest places to work.

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