Thursday, August 25, 2011

The (sometimes) tough decision of choosing a coach training program

Posted on Thursday, August 25, 2011 by International Coach Federation

Last month, we asked our Facebook fans “coaches, with so many options out there for coach training, it is often difficult to decide where is best for you. What factor was most influential for YOU when it came to choosing a coach training program?”

Several responses were shared and all are listed below for your reference. If you are searching for a coach training program, the below insight will show you how other coaches determined which program was best for them:
  • “One that helps focus on the core values of my niche and gives the marketing techniques to really get your practice off the ground.” (Shay DivineGlow Love)
  • “Core values/philosophy.” (Francine Kolacz Carter)
  • “Integrity and reliability!” (Detre Webster Tarbert)
  • “I chose based on flexibility and the variety of niches they offered. I wasn’t clear going in what I wanted my niche to be. I had the opportunity to experiment with a few before making my choice.” (Nicole Avery)
  • “I agree with Shay. The Core Essentials are the foundation of a great training program. In addition, it was important for me to have instructors who had a variety of coaching backgrounds as well as being ICF Credentialed.” (Jennifer Howard)
  • “Ok, so I want to say core values but when it comes down to it, it needed to be affordable and flexible.” (Melani Luedtke-Taylor)
  • “The degree of practicality-behavior base; the capacity of taking me out of my comfort zone; and no or little ‘tools’, a.i. marketing-based frame of reference.” (Mihai Stănescu)
  • “I chose CTI on instinct and it was the best decision for me.” (Janice Cunning)
  • “Accredited program, that is flexible (online) and relative. Also, price is an influence. Its more about education to do a better job at coaching than it is having a certificate.” (Robert Crawford)
  • “I chose a flexible, affordable accredited program that was well known and online. After years of graduate school, I didn’t have too much time or money to give.” (Shannon Kearney Lessard)
  • “I needed an online program; moreover, I continue the training. So much to learn…” (Tafari Educational Consulting, Inc.)
  • “An accredited program with a scientific basis, i.e. a brain based approach—Results Coaching Systems, global organization.” (Diana Pettie)
  • “Shaping the industry, including the ICF standards, experiential learning in small groups, amazing course leaders, a powerful model, extensive support and business mentoring—CTI.” (Laura Ahnemann)
  • “I wanted one that I could do coursework from home since I’ve got 4 kids. And I like being able to telecommute to conference call classes and presentations. It was fun, fit my schedule and helped me learn technology that I use as a coach now. Bonus!” (Living Power Life Coaching)
  • “I researched three program in depth and chose iPEC, the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. It’s an ‘all-in’ program that includes 4 weekend intensives, weekly teleclasses, peer coaching, -peer groups, mentor coaching and even books for the book reports. iPEC centers their training on coaching a client’s core energy, moving it from negative to positive. They teach ICF competencies and ethics. They have the best instructors I’ve seen and I’m a trainer. Check them out at and tell them I sent you! I’m a recent grad.” (Laurie Battaglia)
  • “I wanted the most expensive accredited program.” (Andrew Carter)
What about you? How did you choose the coach training program you used? We’d love to know—share it with us on at


  1. I chose Accomplishment Coaching, the program that was going to change my life the most. I wanted my own transformation, so I could both know what my clients were going through and so I could get myself out of the way, in service of them. Coaching seemed to me to be much more than something where you learned a number of tools and techniques. From integrity, it was about going through the process myself. I also chose Accomplishment Coaching because of their post-graduation opportunities. In their Mentor Coach program, I was able to get hours upon hours of additional training on my coaching, on an individual basis, specific to real clients I was coaching.

  2. Thanks for your insight, Gregg. Sounds like Accomplishment Coaching is a great program!

  3. Indeed!
    I went through Accomplishment Coaching's program too. I was looking for the most extensive training I could find. I knew I couldn't get thoroughly trained from a book, or in a matter of a few days or hours, so I went through their year long program that had in person training. Having done it, I can't see any other way! It changed my life personally and professionally and I now have a thriving practice!

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