Thursday, July 26, 2012

I love coaching because…

Posted on Thursday, July 26, 2012 by International Coach Federation

Last month, we asked our Facebook ( fans, “Fill in the blank: I love coaching because _______.” Take a look below to see how our Facebook fans responded:

  • “It transforms the world one person at a time.” (Alison Emory Guinasso)
  • “I feel I make a difference in how people interact with others and understand what is important in all that they do.” (Barbara Perino)
  • “You can energize the client and help them develop skills to achieve their personal and professional best.” (SunnierSideOfLife)
  • “I love people!” (Vasso-Anna Demenega)
  • “Every person that gets ignited will ignite those around them!” (Rafael A. Martinez)
  • “It is empowering!” (Andrea Dean)
  • “It’s an opportunity for growth.” (Maria Elena Casti)
  • “You enable people to create (for) tomorrow.” (
  • “It’s so fulfilling to see the transformations occurring in people’s lives!” (Ayca Gencoglu)
  • “My clients are super creative!” (Bart Tkaczyk)
  • “It is my passion.” (Neal Houston, PhD)
  • “It always gives me awareness.” (Takeyasu Iwai)
  • “Every coaching session inspires me. I work with some amazing women!” (Michelle Robindell)
  • “It provides people with the ability to go from Can’t to Can, from Can to Will, and from Will to Did!” (Joshua Torres)
  • “It works.” (François Altwies)
  • “Different people inspire me and it’s wonderful to see how dreams begin to fly.” (Teija Björkskog)
  • “Because it’s my destiny!” (Cheryl Roshak)
  • “It is fascinating and powerful.” (Yuri Cardozo)
  • “It’s my passion. Bringing more optimism about our ability to change in this world.”  (Martin Jessen)
  • “It transforms potential into action and has a natural ‘pay it forward’ element.” (6Elements Consulting & Coaching)
  • “Coaching helps people create a better tomorrow.” (Kathleen A. Day)
  • “We co-created a better world!” (Veronique Pigeon)
  • “It is portable and personal; I can make a difference in the moment anywhere.” (Beth Herman)
  • “It helps me discover more about myself.” (Jaya Bhateja)
  • “It makes me alive.” (Jungmo Kim)
  • “It’s a way to contribute and a way to learn.” (SharonTOGETHER)
  • “It allows me to be happy within my career instead of just doing what pays the bills.” (AThomasPhD)
  • “As a business trainer, I love it. I am not a training machine anymore; I am there, totally there to let them choose what they want and how they want it.” (Andrée Ulrich Élan)
  • “As a Certified Professional Life Coach, I love helping my clients live an abundant life! Thank you for asking the question.” (Janicetime)
  • “You facilitate discovery and connect the dots.” (Rhesa Riley)
  • “It changes lives, in the smallest and largest of ways.” (Whole Life Strategies Coaching)
  • “I love coaching because it has made my life easier and it has made it possible for me to help other people change their lives too.” (Åsa Frederiksen)
  • “It makes me happy and it gives me a sense of fulfillment to have made a difference in someone’s life.” (8LEAPS)
  • “It’s transformational. I love seeing people grow, develop, and achieve their goals. It makes me happy, it inspires me, and I’m making a difference.” (Explora, Coaching and Consulting)
  • “It changes lives!” (BT Benskin)
What about you? I love coaching because ___________. What is it for you? We’d love to know—leave a response below or join the conversation at

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