Thursday, July 5, 2012

Use coaching research in your coaching business

Posted on Thursday, July 05, 2012 by International Coach Federation

Earlier this week, the Final Report of the 2012 ICF Global Coaching Study was released.  An astounding 12,000+ coaches from 117 nations participated in the 2012 study. The findings shed new light on the current state of the coaching profession—highlighting global growth of coaching and uncovering the trends that have since emerged since the benchmark study was released in 2007. Get a taste of this study by watching this video.

The Final Report represents the single most comprehensive study that has ever been released on the global coaching profession! Within the 140+ page report, readers will find detailed analysis and statistics on the following topics:

  • Coaching Profession: Size and Key Trends;
  • Profile of Coaches;
  • Training and Accreditation;
  • Profile of Clients;
  • Interaction between Coach and Client;
  • Key Issues and Future Trends; and
  • Technical Appendix.
Purchase your electronic copy of the Final Report here.

This research is an excellent tool to have at your fingertips—weave the findings throughout your business and marketing plans, marketing collateral, website, among other places. You will have such findings as:
  • Active coaches make an average of $47,900 USD per year.
  • 94 percent of coaches offer at least one or more service in addition to coaching in their professional practices. On average the coaches offer almost 3 additional services.
  • More than half (51 percent) hold at least one credential from a professional coaching association. More than 3 in 4 (76 percent) of all coaches agree that "The people and organizations who receive coaching expect their coaches to be certified/credentialed."
  • The majority of clients are female (54 percent) and approximately 1 in 3 clients are aged 46 and over. 
  • Globally, 66 percent of coaches interact with their clients on a face-to-face basis. However in North America, 50 percent of coaches prefer working with clients over the phone.
  • 76 percent of coaches expect to see increase in clients and revenue in the coming year.
How do you plan to use these findings in your business? Tell us about it. 


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