Monday, July 9, 2012

Storytelling is a gift

Posted on Monday, July 09, 2012 by International Coach Federation

It was a stiflingly hot day.

The traffic had been terrible.

The air conditioning was a relief….a noisy relief.

The woman gathered.

The elders; they may laugh at the title, but it was clear to me.

They were happy to see each other, in a shy appreciative way - I could see and feel their connection. They were brought together some years ago, so that they could help others by volunteering for Bereavement and Grief counseling. Their own painful stories are often heavy in their hearts. These women have seen life.

We sat in the story circle and began.

They may have been guarded and skeptical but that soon fell away with the charm of the story.

They may have been wary and closed because of the weight of their own experience, but that soon melted.

They may have been apprehensive and a little worried but the safe space of story made it possible.

There was laughter, tears and that knowing glance shared between people who have suffered but feel the presence of truth around them. It was the true magic of story.

Storytelling and story listening is a gift….to the teller and the listener.

I was honored to be in the presence of such pure hearts and minds that allowed space for our stories. And I'm truly thankful for that.

And I walked away reflecting upon how we create powerful connection through story.

Lisa Bloom, PCC
Creating the space for exploring story is what coaching is all about too. That magic story space is the magic coaching space. It is a gift, for your client…and for you!

Lisa Bloom, PCC is founder of Story Coach Inc. and the Certified Story Coach Program.  Download her ebook ‘Using Stories to Get Great Clients’ at

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