Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Coaching the Distance: Bridging cultural gaps seamlessly with state of the art communication technology

Posted on Tuesday, September 25, 2012 by International Coach Federation

Below is part of an occasional blog series highlighting the Catalysts and sessions of ICF Global 2012.

Ralf Wolter, ACC
State of the art Internet collaboration tools and high-definition video conferencing solutions are affordable and ready for use.
  • How can you leverage these to make a virtual coaching experience for your client even better than an in-person meeting?
  • Are you aware of coaching opportunities in the virtual world?
  • Imagine a video coaching experience that is as ral as being in the same room: what would you do?
  • Do you use group coaching to attract new clients?
  • How can you make it easy and cost-effective for new clients to join your sessions?
  • Do you have clients who do not want to travel and dislike audio coaching?
  • Over 75% of Fortune 500 companies use HD video conferencing solutions.
  • Are you ready to connect with them?
  • Does using communication technology cause you panic?
  • Are you familiar with cultural aspects of coaching globally?
  • We will discuss practical approaches and practice latest collaboration tools. Join us to share your experience with virtual coaching across cultures and learn from others.

Patricia Weiland, PCC
Join this interactive session to experience "coaching the distance," including real-time demonstrations using the latest technology. The demonstration will show you how to leverage technology for better understanding in your coaching sessions. Learn how to create incredible brainstorming with a virtual white-board. Ensure accountability with the sharing of homework documents. In addition you can also connect with other coaches to be able to test, troubleshoot and tackle new technology in your own office. After the session at the ICF Conference join the online discussion from your office to test and update your virtual technology offerings.
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Ralf Wolter, ACC, and Patricia Weiland, PCC, are Catalysts at ICF Global 2012, October 3-6 in London, UK, where they will be presenting “Coaching the Distance: Bridging cultural gaps seamlessly with technology." Learn more.

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