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Say the word

Posted on Friday, September 21, 2012 by International Coach Federation

Last month, in honor of the word ‘life coach’ being added to the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary, we asked our Facebook ( fans to answer the following question, “Coaches, what do you think this says about the professional coaching industry and its future?” Take a look below to see how our Facebook fans responded:

“Our work is global and significant.” (Kaylus Adams Vision-Coach)

“What is a life coach? Look it up!” (Keith Lawrence Miller)

“I think this signifies the relevance we as coaches have in today’s world. It validates what we have long known; that coaches are the gateway to professional success and personal happiness for people today.” (Inspired Heather Paris)

“This means that somewhoe, people recognize that hiring a coach to make better different areas of someone’s life is a great investment. I say investment and not expense because taking care of our well-being is key to our success and happiness. I would also add that taking care of the ‘life’ side of the human being will for benefit the ‘business’ side too. Everything is interlinked: career, health, happiness, spirituality, love life, etc.” (Ines Mahjoub)

“It should be a goal of all coaches to one day ‘life coach’ can be removed from Webster because our work will be done.” (Dean Miles)

“The protectors of our language, who manage new entries for our dictionaries, are not trendsetters. They reflect, rather than create new language. Thus, they rarely accept a new word until it is already mainstream. That the term Life Coach is recognized sufficiently to enter the permanent records says something about the legitimacy and acceptance of coaching. I am happy to hear it!” (Jim Smith)

“This is a huge acknowledgement of what we bring.” (Anouk Boering)

“How far we’ve come in awareness and understanding about coaching in the past 17 years!” (Diane Gard Brennan)

“I posted this on the Merriam-Webster page: Glad to see the profession listed but we never use the term ‘advisor’ to define a coach, as advice-giving is decidedly not the role of a coach, but rather, the role of a mentor. Professional coaches question, probe, prod, reflect, clarify, challenge, and many other things but virtually never do they advise, direct, instruct, or provide recommendations. I beg you to contact the ICF for perspective on this, since you are viewed as a definitive resource and you have inaccurately portrayed the very core of this new profession through the use of the word ‘advisor’.” (Christopher McCluskey)

“Woo hoo! We’ve come a long way, baby!” (Linda McCarrin)

“I believe the life (and business) coaching profession is at an embryo stage as people of this magnificent planet need so much more of being held as naturally creative, resourceful, and whole human beings! Coaching has come a long way and its domino-effect and therefore, impact, will be part of a transformative synergy in the future.” (Veronique Pigeon)

“Great achievement indeed! We are changing the world and this is the best proof. Way to go life coaches everywhere!” (Rawan Albina)

“Hats off to the pioneers of this field who believed in what they do and continued changing lives.” (Fatima Nakhjavanpur)

What about you? What does this mean for the coaching profession and our future? We’d love to know—leave a response below or join the conversation at

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