Thursday, September 20, 2012

Leadership Coaching For Challenging Times – How Deep Simplicity Can Show Us the Way

Posted on Thursday, September 20, 2012 by International Coach Federation

Below is part of an occasional blog series highlighting the Catalysts and sessions of ICF Global 2012.

If you’ve ever done musical or acting improvisation, you know that you have to work with  whatever your improv partners give you.  If you don’t, the whole performance can fall apart very quickly.

Alan Seale, PCC, CTPC
Life works pretty much the same way. Whatever comes up, it’s up to us to make something of it.

Everything that happens is an opportunity for co-creation. When we start from here, our first questions might be, “What is the opportunity here?  How can I accept this opportunity and work with it rather than resist it?”

We can turn that simple concept into a very practical and powerful coaching application. Choose a situation in your life. How you are “being” with that situation—what is your relationship to it? Are you pushing against it, and maybe even giving it more energy? Or are you flowing with it by asking, “what wants to happen here?” What’s the message that’s trying to come through? 

Let’s take the exploration further. For just a moment, actually push against your situation in your mind. Try to stop it or force it to be something else. Do your best to control it, and notice how that feels. 

Then shift your approach and explore how you might actually flow with this situation rather than push against it. If there is something new trying to happen here, what might that be? If this situation was your improv partner, what could you co-create? Notice how this approach feels different.

In asking these questions, we become empowered by everything that happens rather than being a victim of it.  We take whatever comes and work with it.  When you embrace rather than push away, you can transform the energy of the situation.  From there, you can usually find a way to move forward. 

Alan Seale, PCC, CTPC is a Catalyst at ICF Global 2012, October 3-6 in London, UK, where he will be presenting “The Deep Simple: Getting to the essence for breakthrough and transformation." Learn more.

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