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How we use energy work to open the throat

Posted on Thursday, September 13, 2012 by International Coach Federation

Energy Work & Coaching Community of Practice
Presenter:   Rhona Post MA, MCC, CI Practitioner
Scheduled Call: Friday September 21, 2012; 11:00 a.m. (New York)
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Welcome back to the continuously expanding Energy Work and Coaching Community of Practice. I am grateful for the continued support this group provides.

I took the summer off to deepen my Mindfulness practice. I can now say with certainty that my sitting practice helped deepen and support my healer coaching practice.

As our group continues to explore linkages between Alternative healing and our ongoing coaching practice, I’m inviting members to review two ICF core competencies—Powerful Questions and Direct Communications with a particular focus on the various energetic methodologies to achieve mastery. For example, I have observed how blockages in the throat impact our ability to ask powerful questions or engage in direct communication. Recognition and attention to specific areas in the body serve as guideposts to our continued efforts to be present.

There are many great communication strategies we employ to provide a base line approach with clients, but what I am speaking to is the internal cultivation we can engage with to open the various charkas, and in this case, the throat chakra. Recognizing and working with the throat chakra is both an analytical and felt experience. The concentration we bring to exploring one area supports us to notice what is going on (or not) in other areas. Focusing our attention and breath on any one area in the body provides an entry point for investigation and release. With practice we soften/open our relationship to what is happening in the body, as well as soften the holding patterns we’ve developed to protect ourselves.

 Rhona Post, MCC
The stress or discontent we/clients feel is directly related to the lack of ease we experience in our own mind, prohibiting us from truly being present even mindful in our thoughts, speech and actions. The greatest communication strategies will not help us when we are unaware of our own blockages. Our ability to move with ease between fearless and gentle speech is an integral component to mastering powerful questions and direct communication.

Please join our group on Friday, September 21 to explore some mindful approaches to breathing, and speech.  ICF usually provides 1 CCEU for each class. 

If you are interested in learning more about healer coaching, please call me at +1.941.554.8466 or email me at

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