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Help your clients expand their selves concept

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Below is part of an occasional blog series highlighting the Catalysts and sessions of ICF Global 2012. I do not believe in the concept of having one authentic self. Your clients have a core seed of self that doesn't change, yet they can adapt to circumstances by intentionally bringing forth different aspects of their broader self for better results.

Marcia Reynolds, MCC
With this in mind, you can coach your clients to cultivate their "selves concept."

One way of making this process more tangible is to work with archetypes. Archetypes are patterns of energy and behaviors. A few patterns are wired into the brain at birth. The other patterns take shape as you learn how to deal with difficulties and are rewarded for specific behaviors.

The names given to the archetypes, such as Queen, Warrior, Detective and Companion, are designed to help you identify what patterns might serve you or hurt you in a situation. For example, calling on your Queen archetype can be useful if you need to stand your ground when negotiating for resources for your team. These same behaviors can be harmful when arguing with your spouse.

Pad Bray
Some patterns naturally shift with maturity. For example, I called on my Warrior early in my career as I fought my way up the corporate ladder. Now I am more effective giving voice to my Collaborator and Inspirer. All three are aspects of who I am but the balance has changed.

Also, if you help your clients identify their dominant and secondary archetypes, they might better understand the motivations for their actions. The next time they face a difficult situation, they might choose a different archetype to change the dynamics.

This process of identifying, expanding and decreasing behavioral patterns is how your clients expand who they think they are. This is a great coaching tool you can use with people in all walks of life.

Marcia Reynolds, MCC, and Pad Bray are Catalysts at ICF Global 2012, October 3-6 in London, UK, where they will be presenting “Using Archetypes to Expand the Concept of Self". Register today!

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