Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What are you hiding? Reading facial emotions, a guide for coaching and therapy

Posted on Wednesday, August 15, 2012 by International Coach Federation

Below is part of an occasional blog series highlighting the Catalysts and sessions of ICF Global 2012.

Emotions leave micro expressions for a fraction of a second on the faces of everyone-coaches and clients alike. The more we learn about our own micro expressions, the more we can learn about our clients and how best to work with them. Micro expressions are a great way to direct coaching in that they can show, when understood properly, the unadulterated and underlying theme of the coaching session. Basic emotions are the same the world over, irrespective of culture, so this is a great way to connect participants from different countries and coach people from different backgrounds.

Come along and experience the search for your own and others' micro expressions through practical activities and video images, and learn about what they show and what they point to emotionally. As a coach, you will expand your understanding of, and ability to perceive emotions. By learning how the coaching process can utilize micro expressions, you will be able to help clients increase their self-awareness and increase yours also.

Be inspired through action and experience. See, feel, and understand more about micro expressions in this exciting and unique workshop. Important note: If you attend this workshop, please bring a hand mirror.

Henning Olesen is a Catalyst at ICF Global 2012, October 3-6 in London, UK, where he will be presenting “What are you hiding? Reading facial emotions, a guide for coaching and therapy." Register today!

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  1. what if we do phone or skype audio coaching?:)))
    We cant rely on micro expressions,are we?


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