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Nurturing is not just for motherhood - it is also a critical quality for a successful coaching business!

Posted on Tuesday, February 12, 2013 by International Coach Federation

You have done a great job marketing your services, you have captured their contact information (they are part of your database) now you must consistently nurture your prospects. What do I mean by nurturing?

Once you have their interest, you have to work to keep it! You can do this by creating an automated follow-up system that puts you and your expertise in front of your prospects on a regular basis. Maybe once a week, they get an e-mail that shares more value – another one of your unique processes, an interview with an expert, a resource – something that will make your ideal prospect glad to be on your list. Or perhaps you will simply set up a monthly newsletter.

These communication pieces should be:

  • Speaking to the biggest problems that your niche faces. Educate them about the causes of their problems; explain certain aspects of the solutions.
  • Delivered in your natural style, in a way that suits your attractive abilities (video, blog entries, podcasts, whatever feels most effortless to you).
  • Highly targeted. Don’t be afraid to lose prospects that would not make good clients.
In every contact you have with your list of prospects, you want to:
  • Speak to their biggest problem;
  • Educate them on the cause; and/or
  • Discuss the solution.
So, in every contact, and they're getting one of these three pieces.

By doing this you are establishing a strong relationship, you are building trust, credibility and sharing information that they experience of great value. Every once in awhile (every 3 or 4 contacts) you will invite the recipient to take the next step – that may be a free ebook, a free webbing, a complimentary coaching session.  You might say something like, “If these tips have created value for you, then you may want to consider a complimentary coaching session. Here’s how to register…. ” That way, by the time they are contacting you, they’re ready to get moving.

All of this can be automated so that every time someone becomes part of your community these series of messages is automatically launched.

Passion into Profit Coaching challenge: Consider how you will continue to nurture your online community. How will you communicate with them? How often? Through what means (newsletter, blogs, audio, video etc) and remember to automate!

Teresia LaRocque MCC, is Director of Entrepreneurship and Business Building Mentor for the Erickson Business Center –  www.ericksonbusinesscenter.com at Erickson College International www.erickson.edu. Teresia is a pioneer in the booming profession of personal coaching, the first recipient of the International Coach Federation’s Master Coach Credential in Canada and cofounder for the Vancouver International Coach Federation chapter. Teresia is committed to supporting coaches to take their talent and passion for coaching and make their entrepreneurial dreams come true. Teresia is the founder and facilitator of the Passion into Profit Program, a customized business building program offered through the Erickson Business Center.

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